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Can I make a skincare sheet mask from rice paper?

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The hackMaking a skincare sheet mask using rice paper, as seen on Instagram. The promiseSheet masks are great, but few are biodegradable, and the protein in rice is well known in beauty circles as an exfoliant and ant...

The four steps for simple morning skincare

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Working on the assumption that many of us are unsheathing our complexions and giving them a much‑needed public airing, I feel it’s time for a good skincare routine. People are usually surprised by how unchanging and r...

Skincare, age and allergies: five of the most common triggers for sensitive skin

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Find out why your complexion is so prone to dryness, tightness, itchiness, and how you can give it the tender care it cravesHaving skin that’s sensitised and reactive can make you tiptoe around your complexion as if i...

Easy wins: skip the cosmetics counter and put your doctor in charge of your skincare

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From anti-ageing diamonds to topical collagen, I have witnessed a lot of wild claims and eye-watering price tags over a decade of dipping in and out of beauty writing. I’ve also fielded a lot of questions, from friend...

‘Our customers expect it of us’: the children’s skincare brand with grown-up eco values

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When Hannah Saunders’ son Etienne was tiny, she wanted to share her passion for adventure and the outdoors with him, so she’d pop him into a baby backpack and head off on long hikes and hill walks. “He loved being out...

‘Knowledge is power’: how to decode skincare ingredients

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Do you read the ingredients of your skincare products? I love to, but I’m probably in the minority here. I want to share what I know so you can be better equipped to assess whether or not a product will do what it pro...

Hyram Yarbro, Gen Z’s skincare saviour: ‘YouTube gave me a reason to live’

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Truthfully, I didn’t expect to blow up to this scale. And yes, I know this is going to sound clichéd, but if you told me, even a year ago, that it was going to be this big, I would not have believed it.” Considering t...