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Unions and employers agree 40,000 more migrants a year needed to fill Australia’s skills shortage

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Unions and employers have agreed Australia should lift its migration intake by 40,000 annually to help fill skills shortages and demanded a boost to apprentice subsidies. The consensus suggests the Albanese government...

Under the Banner of Heaven review – Andrew Garfield shows off his spidey skills in this gritty detective drama

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We need to talk about beards. In Under the Banner of Heaven (Valutazioni a stelle), witnesses report that four suspicious men leaving the scene of a double murder are all bearded. If this were Portland or Shoreditch, where beards ...

Tory MP blames food poverty on lack of cooking skills

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The Conservative MP Lee Anderson has been condemned by opposition MPs and campaigners after arguing in the Commons that food banks are largely unnecessary because the main cause of food poverty is a lack of cooking an...

UK needs better skills to win foreign investment battle, trova il rapporto

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Britain risks being left behind in the increasingly intense battle for investment from overseas unless it can improve the level of skills on offer to foreign firms, according to a hard-hitting report. A taskforce head...

‘Empathy isn’t there’: the pandemic effects on children’s social skills

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If children have siblings and they’ve mixed with others, they tend to be on the same level socially as before the pandemic. But the ones who are only children and have just been in the household with mum and dad don’t...

Acute skills shortage threatens British film studios’ production boom

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The UK’s £6bn film and TV production boom faces being derailed as an acute skills shortage – from set decorators and special effects experts to accountants – causes delays to shooting schedules and drives up the cost ...

From financial planning to meditation: take control of your life with these problem-solving skills for any age

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Life can be gliding along quite contentedly when, without warning, a big decision needs to be made. You need to land your first job, choose which university to apply to, or move home and suddenly you’re in need of som...

Maro Itoje sent for acting classes by Eddie Jones to develop leadership skills

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Eddie Jones has revealed he sent Maro Itoje to acting classes to try and improve his leadership skills but, at the moment, does not view the towering lock as a future England captain. In a new book on leadership, publ...

Can my storytelling skills charm my young son?

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I’m straining to name a dragon and coming up short. My son is looking on impassively, beginning to lose respect for me. Storytime with my son has always been one of the true joys of parenting, but increasingly it’s be...

Savings to bitcoin: cubs and beavers to launch badge for money skills

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On a Friday night in Enfield, Londra nord, a group of eight-, nine- and 10-year-olds are discussing cryptocurrency and what people do with their cash. Fluttering in the evening breeze are Post-it notes bearing words ...

Only a large-scale skills programme can protect against Covid’s fallout

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Keynes famously likened the economy to a piece of string which, in recessions, could not be pushed. A better economic metaphor now is that it is like a piece of elastic. Stretch it too far and the economy becomes perm...

UK digital skills shortage risks Covid recovery as young people shun IT courses

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Britain’s economic recovery from Covid-19 is at threat from a looming digital skills crisis caused by a sharp fall in the number of young people taking IT courses, a report has said. A study by the Learning and Work I...

Could you spot the fish fake? Test your seafood fraud detective skills in our quiz

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A Guardian analysis this week exposed the vast scale of fish mislabelling. Can you name these repeat offenders?

Study undermines claim philosophy boosts maths and reading skills

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A controversial study that suggested engaging primary schoolchildren in philosophical discussions could also improve their maths and reading has been undermined by new research that found little or no improvements in ...