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per il primo puzzle e Bernardo Recamán: Finnish cross-country skier suffers frozen penis in 50km race

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The men’s 50km mass start skiiing race at the Beijing Games was shortened to 30km but that did little to help Finland’s Remi Lindholm, who needed a heat pack at the end of the race to thaw out a particularly sensitive...

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French skier charged with manslaughter of five-year-old British girl in collision

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A French skier who killed a five-year-old British girl after slamming into her at a resort in the Alps has been charged with manslaughter.Prosecutors in the nearby town of Bonneville said the accident had been caused ...

Norwegian skier fails in bid to slalom around Covid quarantine rules

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A Norwegian man who tried to evade his country’s virus quarantine system by skiing back from Sweden had to be rescued after bad weather thwarted his expedition. “He wanted to return to Norway to get hold of some docum...