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Saudi sisters found dead in Sydney told acquaintance queer women ‘live in fear’ in their homeland

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Two Saudi sisters found dead in their beds in Sydney attended a girls-only queer event in January where they told acquaintances gay women “live in fear” in Saudi Arabia. The Guardian understands New South Wales police...

Saudi sisters found dead in Sydney had active claims for asylum with Department of Home Affairs

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Two Saudi sisters found dead in their beds in Sydney last month lived reclusive lives over years in Australia: the women had few friends, almost no visitors, and “would only leave the house here and there”, secondo ...

‘Sisters, you’re flowing through me!’ The director whose horror film channels centuries of female rage

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It is not the usual way of things, a first-time director being granted an audience with Hollywood royalty. But that is what happened to Charlotte Colbert when a producer sent the screenplay of her psychological horror...

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World review – superhero sisters

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“What’s a suffragette?” asks my niece, Eva, on the way to this musical adaptation of Kate Pankhurst’s picture book. The older niece, Martha, is pre-adolescent and in no mood to explain terms to her six-year-old sister...

Three Met PCs who received pictures of murdered sisters can keep jobs

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Three Metropolitan police officers who received horrific pictures taken from the scene where two black sisters lay murdered have been allowed to keep their jobs. The three constables were in a WhatsApp group that rece...

The forgotten ‘weird sisters’ of WB Yeats who helped forge Irish identity

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In Ireland, Elizabeth and Lily Yeats are remembered if at all as the “weird sisters” – a fleeting, scornful reference in James Joyce’s Ulysses. The novel did not name them or elaborate on their alleged weirdness, just...

Sisters allegedly murdered by husbands in Pakistan ‘honour’ killing

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Two sisters with dual Pakistani and Spanish citizenship were allegedly killed by their husbands, uncle and brother in a so-called “honour” killing a day after they were tricked into travelling to Pakistan. Aneesa Abba...

"Era felice e triste": le sorelle si sono riunite dopo 20 anni di guerra in Ucraina

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Un grido di gioia è risuonato quando le due giovani donne - una in preda a un viaggio di 34 ore fuori dall'Ucraina e l'altra appena uscita da un turno di lavoro notturno - si sono avvistate su un marciapiede in Catalogna. La riunione era durata dieci anni...

Flo & Joan review – crowd-pleasing merriment as singing sisters return

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Prompted by the much-discussed Bros documentary, Flo & Joan’s last show fretted at the acrimonious end to which sibling musical partnerships must tend. This one looks through the other end of the telescope, at the...

Teenage pilot aims to break sister’s round-the-world solo flight record

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A little sibling rivalry is common in most families. But within a family of aviators, one child aiming to beat a world record held by his sibling could be seen to be taking it to the next level. Mack Rutherford, un 16-...

Mother of murdered sisters hopes to meet PC jailed for crime scene photos

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The mother of two sisters murdered in a London park said she wants to meet one of the police officers who took selfies at the scene and shared the images. The Ven Mina Smallman, the first black woman to become an arch...

Due agenti di polizia del Met incarcerati per le foto delle sorelle uccise

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Due agenti della polizia metropolitana che hanno "disumanizzato" due vittime di omicidio di colore "per il loro divertimento" scattando e condividendo foto dalla scena in cui giacevano assassinati sono stati incarcerati ciascuno per due anni e nove mesi..

Met officers guilty of misconduct after sharing photos of murdered sisters

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Two Metropolitan police officers who shared photos of two murdered sisters and referred to them as “dead birds” have been found guilty of gross misconduct. PC Jamie Lewis, 33, will be instantly dismissed from the forc...

A deadly parasite, faulty sewage systems, and the sisters fighting for their small US community

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When the letter arrived with the logo of a noted university in the corner, Veronica Reyes Ibarra expected good news. She called her boyfriend, her mom and her sisters over: “You guys, look what I got, I think it’s a s...

Mother of murdered sisters backed by ex-police chiefs over bias claim

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Three former police chiefs have said errors made in the search for two missing sisters was the result of bias, as the murdered women’s mother dismissed as “hollow” an apology for the blunders. The mother of Bibaa Henr...

Mother of murdered sisters says Met’s apology for failings too late

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The mother of two murdered sisters has rejected the Metropolitan police’s apology over failings in how it responded when they were initially reported missing, calling the force “incompetent and reprehensible”. Bibaa H...

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