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Golden Gozo: Malta’s little sister is a holiday in itself

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Warm water rushed up the sand and fizzed over our feet like soda. Screaming with a combination of joy and nerves, my two-year-old scrambled on to my back as the next wave washed around my waist, draping ribbons of sea...

Hermana de la víctima de Bataclan en el Reino Unido le dice al acusado: "No te odiamos"

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La hermana del único británico muerto en los ataques terroristas de París ha dicho 14 personas en juicio en París por el derramamiento de sangre que, si bien ella y las familias de otras víctimas "deploran lo que hiciste, no te odiamos ". Nick Alexa ...

Mussolini’s Sister review – interestingly quirky portrait of a grumpy octogenarian

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Juna Suleiman’s documentary about Hiam, her octogenarian grandmother who lives in Nazareth, is no journey through a picture-perfect family album. Hiam is not the cake-baking kind of grandmother. De hecho, she is grumpy...

‘Treacherous’: Kim Jong-un’s sister condemns South Korea-US war games

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The influential sister of the North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-un, has called Seoul authorities “treacherous” over the South’s joint military exercises with the US, warning the two allies would face greater security threa...

Haiti crisis deepens as alleged hitman’s sister vows to clear his name

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The sister of one of the alleged Colombian hitmen accused of assassinating Haiti’s president has insisted he is innocent and vowed to clear her dead brother’s name, as a potentially destabilising power struggle grippe...

BT cold callers have been targeting my vulnerable sister

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BT has been phoning my sister and selling her products she does not want. I have explained she is elderly and vulnerable and tends to say “yes” to get rid of cold callers. Last summer they sold her a broadband, mobile...

Kim Jong-un’s sister dismisses hopes of US-North Korea nuclear talks

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Kim Jong-un’s influential sister appears to have dismissed hopes for a breakthrough on nuclear talks with the US, warning Washington that it faced “disappointment” if it believed engagement with North Korea was a poss...

Jo Cox’s sister selected as Labour candidate for Batley and Spen byelection

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Jo Cox’s younger sister has been selected to contest a byelection in Batley and Spen, the constituency where the MP was murdered five years ago. Kim Leadbeater, 44, a personal trainer and campaigner, will try to hold ...

Cómo la hermana de un solo brazo barre su casa por Cherie Jones review - barbarity in Barbados

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Una red de túneles corre debajo de la playa de Baxter, el telón de fondo de Bajan para la primera novela de Cherie Jones, preseleccionada para el premio femenino de ficción de este año. Los monstruos acechan en el interior, monstruos como el de la advertencia..

Jo Cox’s sister says she would be ‘honoured’ to stand for Labour in Batley and Spen

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The sister of the murdered MP Jo Cox has said she would be “honoured” to represent the people of Batley and Spen as she announced her intention to become Labour’s candidate in the upcoming byelection. Labour is facing...

Jo Cox’s sister considering standing for Labour in Batley and Spen

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The sister of the murdered MP Jo Cox is considering standing for Labour in the Batley and Spen byelection. Labour is facing a huge test to cling on to the West Yorkshire constituency where Cox was killed by a far-righ...

‘Let’s do what’s right’: George Floyd’s sister calls on Congress to pass police law

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As Bridgett Floyd watched the three guilty verdicts, called one after another, at the conclusion of the Derek Chauvin murder trial this week, she thought of her beloved older brother George Floyd. “All I could do was ...

Sister of man who died after AstraZeneca jab urges public to have vaccine

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The sister of a man who died from a rare blood clot on the brain after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine has urged the public to “keep saving lives” by continuing to receive the jab. Neil Astles, a 59-year-old solicit...

Cómo nos conocimos: ‘My sister and my dad were freaked out when I said I was getting married’

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Benjamin Speed was on holiday in Los Angeles when his friend suggested he meet Blanca Lista, a film producer. “I am a composer working in the film and TV industry, and he thought we’d have common interests,” Benjamin ...

La hermana de Jo Whiley, Frances, para recibir un jab, un mes después de tener Covid

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La hermana de Jo Whiley recibirá su primera vacunación Covid-19, un mes después de contraer la enfermedad que casi la mata. DJ Whiley dijo que "no podría estar más feliz" que su hermana Frances, 53, quien tiene un aprendizaje d ...

Cómo nos conocimos: ‘My twin sister joked she wished she’d kept him for herself

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Amy Scease was living in Boston, Massachusetts, with her identical twin, Becky, en 1987. “That winter, she invited me to a party in this old loft,” she remembers. Cuando ellos llegaron, Amy spotted a good-looking man in a...

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