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Emma Raducanu v Shelby Rogers: US Open women’s singles – live!

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Solheim Cup 2021: USA v Europe, final-day singles – live!

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Abba singles race to top of streaming charts in comeback triumph

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Two singles released from Abba’s first album in 40 years have raced to the top of the streaming charts, in a comeback that has generated praise and excitement among fans who remember the original releases and a new yo...

Ash Barty holds off Heather Watson to move past Olympic singles frustration

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Ash Barty was able to “find some pretty good stuff” when required in her Western & Southern Open victory over British qualifier Heather Watson, in the Australian’s first match since her shock first round exit at t...

It’s a glorious feeling when you and your singles bubble buddy just hang doing nothing

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When the singles bubble was announced, I found myself awash with what people much cooler than me call “the feels”. Relief. Excitement. Terror. I’ll be able to have a hug! I’ll be able to sit on a couch with someone an...

Bencic battles past Vondrousova to win Olympic gold in women’s singles

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Roger Federer never quite managed to achieve it, nor did Martina Hingis, Stan Wawrinka, Patty Schnyder or many of the notable Swiss players before her. But late on Saturday night in Tokyo, Belinda Bencic stepped into ...

Andy Murray will not defend Olympic singles title in Tokyo after quad injury

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Andy Murray will not defend his Olympic singles title in Tokyo after he was forced to withdraw from the tournament with a quad strain on the morning before his first-round match. He has chosen to continue competing in...

Rihanna’s 30 greatest singles – ranked!

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A buoyant paean to the quick-fix method of forgetting life’s worries by getting drunk, complete with big-up for the restorative powers of Jameson’s whiskey and a nod to Tyra Banks’s character in Coyote Ugly, Cheers (D...