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Starmer ends Labour silence on Brexit as he rules out rejoining single market

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Keir Starmer has thrown Labour back into the Brexit debate by ruling out any return to the single market or customs union, but arguing he could remove trade and travel barriers as prime minister because the EU would t...

Hekke, no windows, single entry: can school redesign deter mass shootings?

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Bulletproof doors. Single entrances. Razing the entire school. In the mounting anger since the shooting at Robb elementary primary school in Uvalde, Texas, these are just some of ideas of how to move on from the traum...

‘I’m really feeling the squeeze’: single mothers on the living costs crisis

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Half of all children in lone-parent families are now living in relative poverty, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, whose findings are published today by the Guardian. After a decade of cuts to welfare, de ...

Animals we’ve lost: die 15 carp species that disappeared from a single lake

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It was a celebrated clan: 'n groep van 17 carp species found nowhere else in the world except for an ancient freshwater lake in the Philippines. One so fat it could be fried without oil, another sought after for its del...

The man who killed a stranger with a single punch, and then turned his life around

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Jacob Dunne loved getting into fights. Every weekend he and his friends would go into Nottingham city centre to start a ruck. One night in the summer of 2011, the 19-year-old threw a single punch. He immediately sense...

Single Drunk Female review – this rare joy is like a next-level Fleabag

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Most likely you won’t much warm to Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D’Elia) when you first meet. She’s the titular single drunk female of this new show (Disney+), and the opening scene sees her stroll into work, late and in...

Sajid Javid warns ‘single Russian toecap’ on Nato territory would be act of war – UK politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: minister issues stern warning following Russian attack on Ukrainian military base less than 15 miles from Polish border

Will we get a single, variant-proof vaccine for Covid?

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This week the government announced additional vaccine booster jabs for the over-75s and suggested a further shot is likely to be needed in the autumn. But imagine if the next Covid vaccine jab you have were the last y...

‘She’s like a spinning wheel’: the mum supporting 200 other single mothers in her WhatsApp group

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During her first year in the England’s Lane homeless hostel in north London, Queeny Singh barely left her room. She didn’t speak to her family, or the other residents. “I was embarrassed,” says the mother of three fro...

The joys (and pressures) of being single

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You don’t need a partner to have a happy and fulfilling life - so why does society still apply the pressure to couple up? Hoe om na podcasts te luister: everything you need to k...

Top 10 single mothers in fiction

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Single mothers have a hard time of it, in life and in fiction. Frequently they’re portrayed as unhinged psychos, sex-crazed hoydens, self-sacrificing saints (often widowed), or ground-down sloggers. I can’t think of t...

Unattached edited by Angelica Malin review – all the single ladies

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In November 2019, the actor Emma Watson was excoriated in the media for describing herself as “self-partnered”. The criticism ignored that a new spirit of positivity about being single was in full flourish, with more ...

Happy alone: the young South Koreans embracing single life

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Min Kyeong-seok is not shy about eating in restaurants alone, or staying in luxury hotels by himself, and shares his experiences online in his blog “One happy person”. “I want to show people that I am living a happy l...

Scientists developing single test to detect risk of four cancers in women

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Scientists are developing a “revolutionary” test to predict a woman’s risk of four cancers using a single sample collected during cervical screening. Using cervical cells from a routine smear test, experts may be able...

Heidi Klum: ‘I’m releasing my first single at 48’

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My body has never been a source of shame and discomfort; I’ve never been insecure or shy about my flesh. We were taken to nude beaches as kids – it was freeing. Tot vandag toe, I feel no need to hide myself away. Falling...

Single parent strength – a photo essay

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Sedert 1918, Gingerbread has been supporting, advising and campaigning with single parents to help them meet the needs of their families and achieve their goals. Vandag, there are 1.8 million single-parent families in t...

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