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Singing lemurs have a distinctly human sense of rhythm, studie bevind

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They have fluffy ears, a penetrating stare and a penchant for monogamy. But it turns out that indris – a large, critically endangered species of lemur – have an even more fascinating trait: an unexpected sense of rhyt...

Black Love review – singing siblings’ glorious ode to Black culture

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Black Love, the first musical to be created for Paines Plough’s intimate Roundabout stage, is a lesson in the complexities of family relationships. Aurora and Orion are brother and sister, living in a small London fla...

Singing celebrities make film urging Britons to get Covid jab

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Celebrities including the comedian David Walliams and actor Jim Broadbent have called on their fellow Britons to “get back to the rhythm of life”, by getting vaccinated against Covid. In the film, which is to the tune...

Jürgen Klinsmann: ‘We were singing Football’s Coming Home at Euro 96’

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Jürgen Klinsmann is arranging a 25th-anniversary celebration for Germany’s victorious Euro 96 squad this September. Despite everything – the humiliating exit from the last World Cup, die 6-0 drubbing by Spain, the hom...

Appalling, beautiful, liberating – it’s time to reclaim freestyle singing

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The year is 1997, Ek is 14 and sweeping metal shavings at the now defunct toolmaking factory where my dad works on a grim industrial estate in Sittingbourne in the UK. The Saturday job, my first, is almost grimmer than ...

A singing fish: it glows s green during courtship and looks like Boris Johnson’s hardship face

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As, at midnight, you stick your oar into the water of the lagoon near Kallady Bridge in Batticaloa, on Sri Lanka’s east coast, you might hear fish sing. It sounds, according to Prince Casinader, who was a former local...

Oggendpos: offset profits ‘seriously concerning’, India suffers, singing fish

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Goeie more. Today we have more on the ongoing Covid crisis in India and a conservation offset controversy on home shores. Plus news about a singing fish and (not quite) explosive sex toys. An environmental consultan...

Poignant video shows crew of sunken Indonesia submarine singing farewell song

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A poignant video has emerged showing the crew of a sunken Indonesian submarine singing happily together on board their vessel. The video, filmed a few weeks before the KRI Nanggala 402 went down with all hands lost, s ...