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Raiders reportedly offer Colin Kaepernick first workout since start of NFL exile

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Colin Kaepernick has his best chance of returning to the NFL since his protest against social injustice effectively exiled him from the league, according to ESPN. League sources told ESPN that the quarterback will wor...

I went wild swimming in a chilly river and haven’t had a panic attack since

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I was at my wits’ end when I finally lowered myself into the River Wensum, in Norfolk, at the tail end of autumn 2019. My quest to find a cure for my severe anxiety and decades’ worth of weekly – sometimes daily – pan...

Tether pays out $10bn in withdrawals since start of crypto crash

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Tether, the multibillion dollar “stablecoin” that functions as the largest bank in the cryptocurrency economy, has paid out $10bn (£8bn) in withdrawals since the crypto crash started in early May. The pace of withdraw...

UK consumer confidence falls to lowest level since 1974

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Consumer confidence in the UK has fallen to the lowest level since records began in 1974 amid growing concern over the cost of living crisis. Stoking fears that Britain is heading for a recession caused by the squeeze...

Russian soldier pleads guilty in first Ukraine war crimes trial since invasion

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A Russian tank commander has pleaded guilty to shooting dead 62-year-old man as he rode his bicycle down a village road, in Ukraine’s first trial for war crimes committed during the Russian invasion. Vadim Shysimarin,...

Scott Morrison’s Aukus middleman has not lobbied US officials since landmark deal announced, document shows

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Scott Morrison’s Aukus middleman has not lobbied any US officials since the landmark security deal was announced, despite a previous agreement with the prime minister “to engage with US personnel to facilitate Austral...

$7.6bn de tether de 'stablecoin' canjeados desde el comienzo de la criptocrisis

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Los inversores digitales han retirado ahorros en la atadura de "moneda estable" por valor de $ 7.6 mil millones (6200 millones de libras esterlinas) desde que comenzó la crisis de las criptomonedas la semana pasada, lo que sugiere que la compañía ha pagado una suma de casi el doble de sus tenencias totales de efectivo..

Líbano vota en las primeras elecciones nacionales desde el inicio de la crisis económica

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Los votantes en el Líbano acudieron a las urnas en las primeras elecciones nacionales desde el desastroso colapso económico y una explosión que destruyó el paseo marítimo de Beirut en 2020, en medio de las bajas expectativas que los lideres tienen...

Americans have bet $125bn on sports in four years since legalization

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Americans have bet more than $125bn on sports with legal gambling outlets in the four years since a US supreme court ruling cleared the way for all 50 states to offer it. On Saturday’s anniversary of the decision in a...

‘Completely devastating’: US passes 1m overdose deaths since records began

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Trevor Foster, 26, loved the Cowboys, the Yankees, fishing, animals and above all his daughter. Jarod Galloway, 21, wanted people to be the best version of themselves, and his niece was his favorite human. Taylor Mill...

Nueva Zelanda, once Covid-free, tops 1 million cases since pandemic began

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New Zealand has recorded more than 1m cases of Covid-19, after spending the first 18 months of the pandemic largely free of the virus. The milestone reflects a stark change in New Zealand’s pandemic experience, con ...

Marise Payne holds first meeting with Solomon Islands counterpart since China security pact

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A meeting between Australia’s foreign minister, Marise Payne, and her Solomons Islands counterpart for the first time since a security pact with China was signed overshadowed campaign announcements on Saturday. On day...

Tim Dowling: I’m on a road to nowhere – have been since I was about five

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I am driving back from Portsmouth late at night, after the band’s last gig of the spring tour. According to my phone I am on the fastest route, despite a section of the A3 being closed somewhere up ahead. My phone pin...

Federal Reserve announces biggest interest rate hike since 2000

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The Federal Reserve moved to tamp down soaring inflation in the US on Wednesday, announcing the sharpest rise in interest rates in over 20 años. The Fed’s benchmark interest rate was raised by 0.5 percentage points t...

England drop to No 6 in Test rankings with lowest points tally since 1995

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England have slumped to their worst Test rating for more than a quarter of a century, dropping to No 6 in the ICC rankings after winning just one of their past 17 partidos. Their current tally of 88 ranking points is t...

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