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Pitch-invading football fans are simply copying players’ on-field histrionics

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The footballing authorities need to widen the scope of discussions in response to recent pitch invasions if they really want to control the unacceptable behaviour of fans (Authorities searching for solutions after pit...

Boxing simply cannot jab and feint its way out of Daniel Kinahan problem

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When the US government document landed, in the early hours of Tuesday morning Dubai time, it must have felt like a haymaker exploding on Daniel Kinahan’s chin. Across 1,400 taut words it revealed all the addresses, de ...

UK Covid regstreeks: keeping free lateral flow tests ‘simply unsustainable’, sê nee 10

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Nuutste opdaterings: Boris Johnson’s spokesperson defends axing universal free Covid testing, saying it cost £2bn a month

Are MLB and the NFL simply too rich to fail?

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There have been no games in either league for more than a month, but there has been plenty of conflict and drama in both Major League Baseball and the National Football League. On one hand, we had MLB locking out its ...

‘Simply the best’: world delights in Ash Barty’s Australian Open triumph

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The tennis and wider sporting world has delighted in Ash Barty’s grand slam triumph after the world No 1 became the first local to win the Australian Open women’s singles crown in 44 jare. Barty beat American Daniell...

Tasmania jumping castle tragedy ‘simply incomprehensible’ as tributes flow for five children killed

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Tasmanian Premier, Peter Gutwein, says the Devonport tragedy “is beyond comprehension” as police begin piecing together the cause of Thursday’s tragic jumping castle accident that killed five children. Speaking to rep...

Britain’s record on drugs is stuck on a loop. ‘Crackdowns’ simply don’t work

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The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 must be the worst law ever passed by a modern parliament. Its purpose was “to prevent the misuse of controlled drugs” by means of “a complete ban on their possession, supply, manufacture, ...

This time we know the Covid risks. We have simply decided to manage them

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It is incredible to think of where we were this time last year: nearly a month into a national lockdown, with the prime minister’s promise of Christmas bubbles planned for but never quite believed, and the atmospheric...

Overloaded: is there simply too much culture?

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Daar was 'n oomblik, back in, oh, 2012, when I thought I’d be able to keep up with it all. And by “it all”, I meant all the good TV shows, all the good movies, all the good music. From my tiny studio apartment in Austi...

Simply throwing money at the NHS won’t solve all its problems

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Watch the news each day and you might regard Britain’s NHS as a black, swirling pit into which ever vaster sums of money constantly vanish. All it does is answer back with screams of hospitals near collapse, queueing ...

Chelsea: a defensive team, or simply a team that is excellent at defending?

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A couple of weeks ago the Netherlands coach, Louis van Gaal, got into an argument with a scornful Dutch journalist about Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea. “The one that applauds defensive football is you,” the journalist said....

Simply Energy hit with $2.5m fine after sales contractors allegedly impersonated customers in scam

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An Australian energy company has been fined $2.5m after two external door-to-door sales agents allegedly used false names and made-up accents to switch customers to new contracts without their consent. The Victorian e...

Lytton’s mayor: ‘Where many buildings stood is now simply charred earth’

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On June 29, the small village of Lytton, in Canada, became one of hottest places on Earth. Temperatures reached an astounding 49.6 °C (121.3 °F). Die volgende dag, a wild fire destroyed most of the town. In this open lett...

Tina review – celebration of a singer who is simply the best

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Sky Documentaries’ two-hour film Tina, a retrospective on the now 81-year-old Tina Turner’s career is stuffed full of footage of her performances over the years. Black and white film of Anna Mae Bullock (as she was th...