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David Squires on … Cristiano loyalty, Daniel Levy and transfer silly season

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Our resident cartoonist on the thrill of transfer deadline day, PSG (the absolute LADS) and Michy Batshuayi in a cape

Clickbait review – silly Netflix thriller series isn’t worth clicking on

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Clickbait, an eight-part Netflix thriller series, is at least well-named. The Australian-American co-production entices you with a mystery whodunnit orchestrated by unseen villains of an anonymous, viral internet, but...

Simon Bird: Debrief review – winningly silly standup spins jokes in the air

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Simon Bird always intended to be a live performer. An ex-president of Cambridge Footlights, he duly took to the Edinburgh fringe stage – before stardom, in the shape of The Inbetweeners (and later Friday Night Dinner)...