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When you watch news reports from war zones, you often see civilians going about their daily business even amid the gunfire. Conflicts take place not on designated battlefields, as they did in our school books, pero en ...

Russia in all but name: the ROC team go to Tokyo with a siege mentality

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As Russian athletes begin competing in the Tokyo Olympics this week, where they are banned from using their country’s name, flag or anthem, they enter the competition with a siege mentality. Desde 2014, the country’s ...

The Guardian view on an America First Caucus: a warning democracy is under siege

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En 1944, George Orwell felt that the word fascism had “lost the last vestige of meaning” so liberally had it been used. But fascism remains very much alive. Decades after Orwell’s message, one of the challenges today ...

Hot Stew by Fiona Mozley review – a rich, ribald tale of old Soho under siege

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The reason that second novels so often fail – and I speak here from bitter experience – is that they tend to be written in the clutches of a dilemma, particularly when the first novel has done well. To stick or to twi...