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Ukraine hails release of medic who filmed horrors of Mariupol siege

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Ukraine over the weekend hailed the release of a celebrated medic whose footage was smuggled out of the besieged city of Mariupol by a team of journalists in a tampon in mid-March. “I always believed that everything w...

‘My nerves collapsed’: Ukrainian girl vlogs horror of Mariupol under siege – video diary

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When the Russian invasion reached Mariupol in Ukraine at the end of February, Alena Zagreba, 15, went from filming vlogs with her friends to chronicling the destruction of her home city.While most people hid in bunker...

Russia’s economy is under siege, but will the west break first?

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It must have looked so simple for Vladimir Putin. Given his military superiority, a lightning strike by Russian forces would quickly overcome Ukrainian resistance and topple the regime in Kyiv. The Kremlin would have ...

Born in war: Kyiv’s maternity ward under siege – video

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The basement of a Kyiv hospital is now the maternity ward, where expecting and new mothers bring new life into a world violently upended by a Russian military invasion.Alina Shinkar is 32 weeks pregnant with her first...

‘We don’t know how to survive here’: a cancer ward for Ukrainian children under siege

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On the oncology ward at Chernihiv children’s hospital, patients are battling cancer, their city is surrounded by Russian forces, and now they are running out of painkillers and stockpiling food. “We don’t know how muc...

Vast Russian military convoy may be harbinger of a siege of Kyiv

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In the satellite image, the trees of the forest just north of the Ukrainian village of Rudnya-Shpylivska – population 107 – appear as if you could brush them with your hand. Before last week, this hamlet was almost to...

Die week in klank: Siege; Archive on 4: Wonderlands; Backlisted; Headwaters; Absolute Radio Natalie

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Limelight: Siege (Radio 4) | BBC SoundsArchive on 4: Wonderlands (Radio 4) | BBC Sounds Backlisted | backlisted.fmHeadwaters (Radio 4) | BBC SoundsAbsolute Radio Natalie (Bauer Media) | Well, shake u...

Frustrated, frazzled and under siege – Scott Morrison’s faith in himself takes a hit

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Scott Morrison doesn’t have to imagine the things that could cost him government in a few months’ time. Chaos and animus closed in this week. New South Wales – the division supposed to deliver the Coalition its fourth...

Koerdiese magte neem die gevangenis van Islamitiese Staat terug na ses dae lange beleg

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Tot by 2,000 Islamitiese Staat-gevangenes wat 'n Siriese tronk oorval het, het hulle aan hul Koerdiese ontvoerders oorgegee, beëindiging van 'n ses dae lange beleg wat die terreurgroep se mees dramatiese standpunt sedert die ineenstorting van sy naam was..

Woman who survived Auschwitz and Sarajevo siege dies aged 97

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A woman who survived both the Auschwitz death camp and the Sarajevo siege in the 1990s has died, according to representatives of Bosnia’s Jewish community. Greta Ferušić Weinfeld died on Monday aged 97. Born in north...

Joe Biden says Texas synagogue siege was an ‘act of terror’ - video

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The US president said the 10-hour hostage standoff in a Texas synagogue, which ended with an FBI Swat team rushing into the building and the captor's death, was 'an act of terror'. Authorities identified the hostage-t...

‘An act of terror’: Biden condemns Texas synagogue siege while FBI names Briton as hostage-taker

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US president Joe Biden has condemned a tense 11-hour hostage standoff at a synagogue in Texas on Saturday as “an act of terror”, as the FBI named the armed assailant as Malik Faisal Akram, a 44-year-old British nation...

Texas synagogue siege: hostage-taker shot dead by FBI believed to be British

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A man who was shot dead by FBI officers after taking four people hostage at a Texas synagogue is understood to be British. The man began a standoff with police after disrupting a religious service at the Congregation ...

American Siege review – Bruce Willis sleepwalks through a thriller without thrills

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‘This is Georgia,” drawls a character near the start of this tiresome, oddly dull action thriller. “Everyone’s doing something they’re not supposed to be doing.” But the problem with Bruce Willis in the movie is that ...


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When you watch news reports from war zones, you often see civilians going about their daily business even amid the gunfire. Conflicts take place not on designated battlefields, as they did in our school books, maar aan ...

Die Guardian-siening oor 'n America First Caucus: 'n waarskuwende demokrasie is onder beleg

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In 1944, George Orwell was van mening dat die woord fascisme “die laaste oorskyn van betekenis verloor het” so liberaal dat dit gebruik is. Maar fascisme bly baie lewendig. Dekades na Orwell se boodskap, een van die uitdagings vandag ...

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