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Siberia review – Willem Dafoe and Abel Ferrara on fine freaky form

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The WTF factor is always high in the work of Abel Ferrara and this movie is no exception: a wintry internal dream-odyssey in which sex and death are prominent. At one stage, this even features Willem Dafoe capering ar...

The big picture: vodka and sunshine in southern Siberia, 1993

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In the years immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen travelled through some of the outlying states, living with families and documenting ordinary lives. One of the ...

Siberia hit by unprecedented heatwave and forest fires – video report

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A heatwave in one of the world’s coldest regions has sparked forest fires and threatened the Siberian city of Yakutsk with an 'airpocalypse' of thick toxic smoke, atmospheric monitoring services have reported.Local au...

Siberia wildfires: Russia army planes and thousands of firefighters battle blazes

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Russia’s army has sent water-bombing planes to support thousands of firefighters battling huge wildfires in Siberia, a region known for its frozen tundra that is now sweltering under a heatwave. Flames are tearing acr...