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Shutdown by Adam Tooze; After the Virus by Hilary Cooper and Simon Szreter – review

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The past 18 months have been the most extraordinary any of us have lived through outside wartime. Covid, which started in Wuhan to initial denial, became a pandemic, sparing no country from mass deaths, deep recession...

Democrats seek to advance spending plans as government shutdown looms – live

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Leaders scrambling to get infrastructure bill and the $3.5tn spending plan to Biden’s desk while trying to avoid a shutdown and raise the debt ceiling

Oggendpos: Victoria’s construction shutdown, Aukus fallout, fixing fashion

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Goeie more. Tensions are rising between Australia and the EU amid fallout from the Aukus submarine pact. Violent protests in Melbourne have led to a shut-down of the Victorian construction industry. And if the pande...

Vrees vir die sluiting van die Amerikaanse regering namate die skuldplafon -spel van hoender begin

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Daar word verwag dat top -demokrate die Republikeine sal waag om 'n finansieringsmaatreël te stop, wat die fiskale krisis in die dubbele omvang van die VSA in die wiele kan ry as sy wanbetaalde skuld en die federale regerings gesluit word..

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper in crisis talks to avert shutdown, advisor says

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The board of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper is in crisis talks amid expectations it could shut down in a matter of days after the arrest of its senior editors and executives, and the freezing of its assets and acco...

Turning shut-down shops into homes? It’ll be the developers who enjoy the bargains

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Landowners of Britain, rejoice! Your government has not forgotten you. Magnanimous and generous as it is, it has dedicated the vast public resources at its disposal to a noble cause, that of increasing the value of th...

Hacking group suspected in US pipeline shutdown claims goal is to make money

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The ransomware group believed to be behind an extortion attempt that caused the shutdown of a key pipeline delivering petrochemicals to the north-eastern US has apparently posted a message on social media in which it ...

Shutdown of US pipeline after cyber attack prompts worry over gas prices

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The hackers who caused the vast Colonial Pipeline to shut down on Friday reportedly began their cyberattack against the top US fuel pipeline operator a day earlier and stole a large amount of data. The attackers are p...

‘Topshop was the epitome of cool’: Guardian readers on the shut-down shops they will miss

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I would always visit Thorntons in Birmingham city centre during the summer; it was part of my childhood. My best friend, Jayne, and I used to get ice-cream for the short walk home to Edgbaston – the only time we were ...

Minna Heeraman had an aggressive cancer. Did the March 2020 treatment shutdown shorten her life?

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When Minna Heeraman’s friends knew that she was dying, they made a video for her to watch from the hospital bed she had set up in her living room. It was a goodbye video. One after another, her friends spoke to the ca...

‘Alarm is growing’: Michigan governor faces shutdown dilemma as Covid cases rise

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The coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions that Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, enacted in March last year were among the nation’s toughest, and the governor’s leadership is thought to have saved lives. It also...

‘These are our homes’: LA gay bars fight to stay afloat after year of shutdown

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Four iconic Los Angeles gay bars, touting a combined history of 130 jare, have permanently closed during the pandemic and many more have warned that they are on the brink of shutdown. Even as nightlife gradually ret...

Aviation shutdown shows we can clean up our air

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In 2010, the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano affected many Easter holidays. The closure of European airspace left many people stranded but millions enjoyed a break from aircraft noise and could look up at bri...

Myanmar coup: military expands internet shutdown

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Myanmar’s military junta has expanded an internet shutdown, further stifling access to information in the country, where hundreds of people have been killed and disappeared following a coup in February. On Thursday ni...

The day the turf stood still: looking back at sport’s sudden shutdown

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Friday 13 Maart 2020 was a grim day for sport as events across the world were called off. Here’s how it felt then, and has done since, for those on the inside by Guardian sport Thu 11 Mar 2021 19.01 EST On Friday 1...