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Monkeypox showing signs of plateauing in UK, say health officials

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The monkeypox outbreak in the UK is showing signs of plateauing, the UK Health Security Agency has said. The organisation said there had been 2,859 confirmed and highly probable cases of the viral disease as of 4 Aug...

Ben Jennings on Tories showing their toughness – cartoon

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Samsung cleared by UK watchdog over ad showing woman running at 2am

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A Samsung ad featuring a woman running alone at 2am has avoided a ban by the UK advertising watchdog, despite complaints that it was irresponsible after a spate of late-night attacks on women. The TV and cinema ad for...

Accounts of bruising on Lynette Dawson part of bigger picture showing she was murdered, prosecution alleges

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Witness accounts that Lynette Dawson was seen bruised before she vanished in January 1982 were small pieces of a larger picture showing she was murdered by her husband, prosecutors have told a court. As the murder tri...

Film bans are less about offence, more ‘community leaders’ showing who’s boss

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‘Birmingham will not tolerate the disrespect of our Prophet… You will have repercussions for your actions.” So claimed a leader of a Muslim protest against the film The Lady of Heaven. There were similar protests in c...

Il video che mostra l'arresto dell'autista di autobus delle Figi riaccende il dibattito sull'uso eccessivo della forza da parte della polizia

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La polizia delle Figi ha sospeso un agente in attesa di un'indagine dopo che un video che mostra quello che sembrava essere l'uso eccessivo della forza contro un autista di autobus durante un arresto è stato ampiamente condiviso nel paese del Pacifico. La V...

UN official concerned over videos showing apparent abuse of PoWs in Ukraine

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A senior UN official has said they have seen videos purporting to show the abuse of prisoners of war on both sides in Ukraine, as Russia raised the mistreatment of its soldiers at the first day of the latest peace tal...

Video released showing Russian hoax call with UK defence secretary

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A video of defence secretary Ben Wallace being duped into speaking by phone to an impostor posing as the Ukrainian prime minister was published on Monday – hours after Downing Street said it believed Russian state act...

Ukrainian military release footage showing crossing point being shelled – video

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Ukraine’s joint command has released a video showing shelling at the Shchastia crossing point north of the rebel-held city of Luhansk on Saturday. Several puffs of smoke can be seen as missiles land at and on the road...

Adolescente salvato dopo aver mostrato un segnale di violenza domestica a un automobilista di passaggio, la polizia dice

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Un'adolescente scomparsa è stata salvata negli Stati Uniti dopo aver usato un gesto della mano che segnala angoscia o violenza domestica per catturare l'attenzione di un guidatore di passaggio. Il sedicenne è stato avvistato mentre viaggiava all'interno di una T...

Microsoft blocks Bing from showing image results for Tiananmen ‘tank man’

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Microsoft blocked its search engine, Bing, from returning image and video results for the phrase “tank man” – a reference to the iconic image of a lone protester facing down tanks during the 1989 protests in Tiananmen...

Kate Winslet says she refused offer to edit sex scene showing ‘bulgy belly’

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Kate Winslet has said she refused a director’s offer to edit a sex scene in which she showed a “bulgy bit of belly” for her latest television series. The actor claimed Craig Zobel, the director of her new HBO series M...

Batley teacher suspended after showing Charlie Hebdo image can return

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A teacher who ignited protests at a school in West Yorkshire after using a controversial image of the prophet Muhammad in class has been cleared of causing deliberate offence and told he can have his job back. The tea...

Ghislaine Maxwell: lawyers release photo showing bruised face

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Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell have released a photograph of the British socialite, who is in a US prison facing sex trafficking charges, showing her with a bruised face. Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring undera...

AstraZeneca’s new data showing Covid vaccine slightly less effective than suggested doesn’t worry experts

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Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has released additional data that it said confirms the efficacy of its Covid-19 vaccine after questions about interim clinical trial results were raised in the US by an independent a...

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