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Workers shouldn’t wait for Labour victory, says Unite’s Sharon Graham

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Workers should not pin all their hopes on Labour winning the next election to improve pay and conditions after the Covid-19 pandemic, the new leader of one of Britain’s biggest trade unions has warned. In a significan...

Labour shouldn’t lurch to the right – it must get out the vote first

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Labour has lost the last four general elections. From the death throes of New Labour in 2010 to the implosion of Corbynism in 2019 and Ed Miliband in between, the party has been out of power for 11 years now, and it f...

To mask or not to mask? That shouldn’t be the question

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England has now entered the strangest phase to date of its Covid experience. Though the health secretary insisted, in a tweet he eventually deleted, that we must not “cower from” the virus, the contradiction between t...

‘A cartel shouldn’t get away with this.’ Anger at opioid settlements that exclude admission of wrongdoing

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There is growing anger among families bereaved by the US opioid epidemic at pharmaceutical companies “buying their way out of accountability” with multibillion-dollar settlements that specifically exclude any admissio...

The Bourdain AI furore shouldn’t overshadow an effective, complicated film

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Anthony Bourdain was a singularly beloved cultural figure. His death by suicide in 2018 a 61 while filming an episode of his CNN travel series Parts Unknown remains, for many, one of the most tragic and baffling publ...

Why the USWNT shouldn’t panic about their Olympic thrashing by Sweden (yet)

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Norway 2-0 USA. That was the score of the US women’s soccer team opener the last time the Olympics were played in Asia. The distance from Qinhuangdao, site of that 2008 game, to the final in Beijing seemed vast, and n...

Disney’s Turner & Hooch reboot: shouldn’t we let sleeping dogs lie?

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I’m convinced, adesso, that 60% of shows are being commissioned not by a human, a skeleton wrapped in flesh and blood, but by an algorithm, a pulsing blue computer in a bunker server room beneath the depths of Disney. Ex...

Morrisons shouldn’t capitulate in another depressing takeover saga

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The stock market is brutal and moves quickly to the main question. If 230p-a-share is not enough to persuade the directors of Morrisons to roll over and accept private equity’s money, what is? The working assumption i...

Sono sopravvissuto a una sparatoria a scuola. I miei figli non dovrebbero farlo

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"Qualcuno sta sparando nel campus!" Le parole hanno strappato la mia concentrazione dallo schermo del mio laptop. La nostra aula di legge tacque. "Cosa dovremmo fare?"Ho chiesto al nostro professore. Egli ha detto: "Bene, se fossi in te, correrei...”..

La brillantezza dei prati marroni: perché la tua erba non dovrebbe essere sempre più verde?

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Nome: Prati marroni. Colore: Marrone, ovviamente. Aspetto: Molto più adorabile di quanto tu possa immaginare. Non credo che i prati marroni siano per niente adorabili. Ah, Vedo. Sembri qualcuno che è orgoglioso del proprio prato. Uni...

Food bank supremo Emma Revie: ‘This is the best job in the world – and it shouldn’t have to exist’

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Among the shiny glass and steel riverside developments in south-west London is a huge shed. It used to be Currys PC World; people still wander in looking for a washing machine or laptop. But now it’s full of food – do...

Nature can be a cure – but we shouldn’t misjudge its destructive power

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It was a near-perfect day on the south coast – blue sky, mare blu, enough breeze to offset the heat of the sun. The beach may have been a little full, but it wasn’t long before I was in the water. I’m an OK swimmer an...

The world is desperate for more Covid vaccines – patents shouldn’t get in the way

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Biolyse is a small pharmaceutical manufacturer in Canada with a simple proposition: provide a recipe for a coronavirus vaccine, and it will produce 20m doses for nations in the global south. It has approached AstraZen...

Covid vaccine side-effects: what to know and why you shouldn’t worry

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Side-effects have been reported for all three vaccines approved for emergency use in the US but most are mild and short-livedby Jessica Glenza and Alvin Chang Thu 18 Mar 2021 03.00 EDT Last modified on Thu 18 Mar...

‘I shouldn’t have let go of him’: the pain of James Bulger’s mother 28 years on

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Denise Fergus has always spoken about her son James to his three younger brothers, telling them what the toddler was like before he was murdered. But hearing them describe in a new television documentary the effect of...

‘I shouldn’t be out there in gales’: Brixham fishers take Brexit hit

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Luke Selvey manoeuvred the beam trawler Emilia Jayne into Brixham harbour with a hold packed with fish after three and a half days at sea. He gave a toothy grin. “We’ve got cuttlefish, Dover sole, brill, turbot, monks...