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UK care homes: how are staff shortages affecting you

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Care homes are facing the most acute staffing shortage on record, the National Care Association said last month, con 170,000 vacancies across England. The lack of places in residential care homes means that many elde...

Apple may cut iPhone 13 production by millions as US warns of Christmas shortages

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Apple may slash the number of iPhone 13s it will make this year by up to 10m because of a shortage of computer chips amid a worldwide supply chain crunch that led the White House to warn that “there will be things tha...

Christmas shortages loom as Felixstowe struggles with backlog

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Fears are growing about Christmas stock shortages after Felixstowe, the UK’s biggest container port, was forced to turn away ships from Asia because of a backlog of containers caused by the HGV driver shortage. The wo...

UK job vacancies hit record amid Brexit and Covid staff shortages

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Job vacancies soared to a record high of almost 1.2m in September, según cifras oficiales, as employers hunted for staff to meet shortages brought on by Brexit and the pandemic. The Office for National Statisti...

UK firms reach deal over CO2 supply chain shortages

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Businesses involved in channelling crucial carbon dioxide supplies to the food and drink industry have struck a deal aimed at averting shortages of products such as meat and fizzy drinks until January next year. The g...

Los conservadores han convencido a los votantes de que existe una amenaza peor que la escasez de combustible

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The British historian Alex von Tunzelmann explained to me a few years ago why we are unable to discuss empire without denial and defensiveness. “Empire is still all around us," ella dijo. “It is still so integral to ev...

UK new car sales tumble in September amid chip shortages – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Food banks warn of smaller parcels due to HGV supply shortages

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Food banks have said they will have to shrink the size of the parcels they give to struggling families owing to declining stock levels caused by the HGV crisis, supply shortages and a collapse in public donations. A c...

Staff shortages spreading to all corners of UK business, resultados de la encuesta

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Staff shortages are rippling out from the haulage, farming and hospitality sectors to almost all parts of the economy, putting “severe pressure” on medium-sized business across the UK, a new survey has warned. More th...

Fuel crisis and supply shortages are a product of the UK’s economic model

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It all seems to have happened so fast. Only a few months ago, the government was congratulating itself for the speed at which Britain was emerging from the pandemic. But as the nights have lengthened, ha habido ...

Robots: robar nuestros trabajos o solucionar la escasez de mano de obra?

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Mientras la pandemia de coronavirus envolvió al mundo el año pasado, Las empresas recurrieron cada vez más a la automatización para hacer frente a condiciones rápidamente cambiantes.. Se introdujeron robots de limpieza de suelos y desinfectantes para eliminar microbios..

Christmas shortages: what are Britons ordering this year?

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“Be prepared” is the motto for Christmas this year as British shoppers order favourite foods, trees and lights earlier than ever to ensure they get what they need for the big day. Potential shortages of workers to pro...

Heeding working-class voices on Brexit and labour shortages

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Reading Christopher John’s account of the working conditions of HGV drivers in the UK (‘Getting into Europe is a relief every time’: an HGV driver reflects on UK crisis, 27 septiembre), I was struck by the fact that I ...

Keir Starmer criticises PM’s ‘whack-a-mole’ approach to staff shortages

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Keir Starmer has blamed the fuel crisis on Boris Johnson’s “whack-a-mole” approach to running the country, urging him to plan ahead or risk staff shortages in a string of other industries in the coming months. Ministe...

Dinos: how have UK fuel shortages affected you?

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El lunes, Boris Johnson is considering mobilising hundreds of soldiers to help deliver fuel under an emergency plan to deal with petrol stations running dry across the country. Whether you work at a petrol station, t ...

Gas crisis, Covid y escasez de alimentos: Los conservadores temen la tormenta de invierno perfecta

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Se avecina un segundo invierno de descontento, los tories mayores temen, con las finanzas personales de las personas empujadas al límite, el servicio de salud corre el riesgo de verse abrumado y la amenaza de que regresen las restricciones de Covidi ...

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