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Thousands of Rohingya shops demolished in Bangladesh, leaving refugees desperate

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Bangladesh authorities have bulldozed more than 3,000 Rohingya-run shops since last month, a government official confirmed on Tuesday, as struggling refugee families voiced their dismay at the demolitions. Oor 850,...

‘For those attracted to a bit of quirk’: readers’ favourite indie shops

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Ink & Page is a magical emporium, the brainchild of artist Kim Squirrell and her bookbinder husband David. Behind the exquisite early Victorian frontage, with its delicate gothic ironwork, is a treasure trove of h...

The UK’s 50 most fabulous independent shops

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This heritage clothes brand’s niche is reviving the nautical styles traditionally worn on the Yorkshire coastline where it is situated. It was started in 2016 by Matthew Pugh (“With £500 in my pocket for stock and a d...

Sniffing out a bargain: how dog-friendly are Britain’s shops?

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It’s a Saturday morning and I’m crammed into a small changing room, attempting to try on a new pair of trousers. It’s always a struggle with the multiple layers of autumnal clothing, and I’m even more flustered than u...

William Hill accused of ‘cynical’ tactics over cafes serving hot food in its shops

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William Hill has been accused of deploying “cynical” tactics to keep people gambling after the bookmaker launched an in-store cafe selling hot food, with some items cheaper than at McDonald’s. At one branch of the boo...

Die Guardian -uitsig op Amazon se winkels: die samelewing bevoordeel, nie net verbruikers nie

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Wat Amazon vandag doen, dit lyk asof sy mededingers dit môre doen. Daarom is die aankoms van die futuristiese winkels van Amazon kommerwekkend en belangrik. Die nuwe kruidenierswinkels van die onderneming doen kassiere weg en gebruik 'n Big ...

10 days to save Christmas: shops warn of disruption due to lack of lorry drivers

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Significant disruption to Christmas is “inevitable” unless the government fixes an acute shortage of lorry drivers in the next 10 dae, the UK retail industry body has warned, as queues formed at petrol stations and o...

UK’s independent shops record first rise in four years as chains suffer

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Independent retailers and food outlets are stepping into the gaps left by chain stores on the UK’s high streets, retail parks and in shopping centres, driving the first rise in their numbers in four years. A net total...

William Hill deal raises question mark over 1,400 UK high-street shops

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The online casino company 888 has confirmed its £2.2bn purchase of the non-US assets of William Hill from the Las Vegas-based Caesars Entertainment, in a deal that raises questions over the future of the bookmaker’s 1...

Man held on suspicion of contaminating food in west London shops

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A man has been arrested on suspicion of contaminating food using a syringe at three supermarkets in west London, a council has said. Hammersmith and Fulham council said officers were called just before 8pm after a man...

Haribo struggles to deliver to UK shops due to lorry driver shortage

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The lorry driver shortage could become tangfastically real for British children and their parents after the confectionery manufacturer Haribo told shopkeepers it was struggling to deliver enough bags of sweets. Jelly ...

Corner shops got us through lockdown. Now delivery apps could destroy them

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When the first lockdown came into force in the UK last March, supermarket delivery slots vanished. Many people – myself included – began to rely on our local corner shops, stocked with toilet roll and bakers’ yeast. T ...

Shops are open again – but when did high street fashion become so drab?

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One of the strangest things about living in a time of supposedly limitless consumer options is the lack of genuine choice. There is a lot of stuff, and it is very easy to access, but much of it is essentially the same...

UK retail sales surge in April as people flock back to shops – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

‘Topshop was the epitome of cool’: Guardian readers on the shut-down shops they will miss

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I would always visit Thorntons in Birmingham city centre during the summer; it was part of my childhood. My best friend, Jayne, and I used to get ice-cream for the short walk home to Edgbaston – the only time we were ...

Liefdadigheidsorganisasies rapporteer die bumper dag van verkope namate toegesluit winkels heropen

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Die British Heart Foundation en die Salvation Army het Maandag hul besigste verkoopsdag ooit opgestel toe hul liefdadigheidswinkels vir die eerste keer in byna vier maande na die sluiting van die koronavirus oopgemaak het.. Die BHF het opgeneem ...

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