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Man killed at Lakeside shopping centre in Essex

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A murder investigation has been launched after a man was killed at a shopping centre in Essex on Thursday. Police were called to reports that a man had been attacked at Lakeside shopping centre, in Thurrock, at 4.30pm...

A shopping guide to … bold men’s sweatshirts

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Not many of the clothes we have been wearing while working from home will accompany us back to the office, but the sweatshirt is one that definitely can. Worn under a suit jacket, the sweatshirt can give an edge to a ...

Grills, hammocks, pizza ovens … sun spurs alfresco shopping spree in UK

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There have been fire pits, pizza ovens and even inflatable hot tubs, but now the wood pellet barbecue is the object outdoor lovers are expected to queue up for in the days and weeks ahead as the weather turns warmer. ...

Edith Pritchett on bikini shopping – cartoon

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New footage shows destroyed shopping centre in Mariupol – video

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Footage has emerged from the devastated Ukrainian city of Mariupol showing a shopping centre in the south-eastern port in ruins as residents continue to be bombarded by Russian airstrikes. This satellite image provide...

Shopping lists from Ukraine’s frontlines: Manchester’s response to Putin’s war – video

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Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, members of Manchester’s Ukrainian community have been in constant contact with family caught up in the conflict. They’ve also been coordinating aid efforts that resp...

Life and Death in the Warehouse review – the terrible true cost of online shopping

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It may not turn you full communist by the end of its single hour, but it’s hard to imagine that new screenwriter Helen Black’s punchy fact-based drama Life and Death in the Warehouse (BBC Three) won’t help shift every...

A shopping guide to the best … backpacks

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Whether it’s for a weekend away or your everyday go-to bag, a backpack should be fun. Block colours are a smart choice – they go with more so you’ll get more use out of them. The fact that so many brands are now makin...

A shopping guide to … the best sunglasses for men

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It may be February, but sunglasses are a year-round essential. Think of them as an easy win – a way to add instant cool on one of those blue-sky, frozen-ground kind of days. If you’re considering investing, go for a p...

A shopping guide to … joyful jumpsuits

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The jumpsuit has shifted from an item favoured by only the fashion-committed to a staple loved by all. Frankly, this change is long overdue. There is only one downside to this versatile piece – having to disrobe to go...

A shopping guide to the best … ankle boots

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The ankle boot is a classic of winter footwear – reliable whatever the weather and occasion. The high street has designs that fit into trends – see the cowboy ankle boot with a twist. If you want to invest, a durable ...

UK surge in post-Christmas returns reveals dark side of online shopping boom

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It all started with a hooded tracksuit worth less than £30. The unwanted item, processed online at one second past midnight on Christmas Day because it was too large, was the first in a torrent of festive returns for ...

Online shopping, pets and takeaways fuel surge in UK spending in 2021

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Consumers splashed out on online shopping, takeaways, home improvements and streaming subscriptions in 2021, as ongoing Covid restrictions limited where people could spend their money. Households were more willing to ...

Oxford Street: why London’s shopping mecca can’t trade on past glories

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The Christmas lights are on along the nation’s busiest high street, but beneath their festive glow about a quarter of the outlets are either empty, or housing temporary shops. Alongside the shuttered stores and buildi...

Australians tipped for record $21bn summer shopping splurge as Boxing Day sales begin

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Record sales are expected this Boxing Day with shoppers tipped to splurge more than $20bn during the summer sales period. The Australian Retailers Association has estimated people will spend $21bn in the post-Christma...

‘There is a person behind the screen’: an etiquette guide for holiday shopping

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As we approach our second Christmas at the mercy of a virus that just won’t quit, one would think people would have accepted that supply chain issues and other Covid-related problems might mean low stock and delayed d...

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