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Snake on a pane: Dudley couple shocked to find python on vanity mirror

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A couple from Dudley were left shocked after discovering a 5ft python in their bedroom. The yellow snake was removed by West Midlands police after it was found wrapped around a vanity mirror at the couple’s home in Qu...

‘Total betrayal’: Afghan interpreters shocked as New Zealand ends Kabul evacuation

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Afghan interpreters left behind after New Zealand ceased its mercy flights are shocked and terrified at being stranded, saying it is a “total betrayal” by the New Zealand government. The Guardian spoke to an Afghan in...

‘I was shocked’: alcohol-free drinks create conundrum for young Muslims

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When 20-year-old Hibah Dannaoui started working as a waitress, she was surprised to discover a new category of drinks: non-alcoholic beverages that are meant to imitate the taste of alcohol. A practising Muslim, Danna...

Isy Suttie: ‘I was shocked by how obsessed I became with getting pregnant’

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Isy Suttie just returned from what she likens to “a tired, middle-class hen do”. A few days in Southend with two female friends felt thrillingly exotic after being locked down in Camberwell, south London for the past ...

Researchers ‘shocked’ to find Egyptian mummy was a pregnant woman

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Polish researchers examining an ancient Egyptian mummy that they expected to be a male priest were surprised when X-rays and computer tests revealed instead it was a mummy of a woman who had been seven months pregnant...

Meghan has been mistreated for years – but her interview still shocked me

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I stayed up late to watch the Oprah interview. As I watched it, ho pensato: “Lord, give me strength!” Like me, Meghan is independent, well educated, career minded. Like me, she is a woman of Black heritage. I felt her ...