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Keeping it crisp: how to care for white shirts

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An old friend once described her style to me as, “like an apple, crisp and fresh”. The description was apt for that period of our lives (early 20s) and although a decade has passed, I still think of it every time I pu...

Trend watch: How to wear oversized shirts

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An oversized shirt is the neutral power player of your wardrobe. Choose a striped fabric, or classic white or blue, and you will find that its versatility is limitless. Style it slightly dishevelled, à la Patti Smith,...

Die regering kan buitelandse wedderyondernemings verbied om Britse voetbalhemde te borg

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Die 'skuiwergat' wat buitelandse weddingsondernemings toelaat om op Engelse en Skotse voetbalspanne se hemde en opgaardamme te adverteer, sal waarskynlik geskrap word as deel van die regering se planne om die greep op dobbelary te verminder..

Why do male politicians love taking their shirts off for photo ops?

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Since the miracle invention of a vaccination for Covid-19, a second discovery has been made: male politicians absolutely love taking their shirts off for a photo opportunity. In die UK, you are more likely to find a C...

Mannequin Pussy: ‘Kate Winslet has been in the same room as one of our shirts’

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There is a lot to admire about crime drama Mare of Easttown, from its gritty storytelling to the way Kate Winslet puffs on a vape. Punk fans, egter, have been tuning in each week not to discover the identity of the ...

Ipswich shirts to be sponsored by Ed Sheeran next season

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Ed Sheeran has signed a deal as shirt sponsor for the Ipswich Town men’s and women’s teams, marking another step in the League One club’s attempts to reverse a decade and a half of flagging fortunes on and off the pit...

April design news: synagogues, sheds, shirts and new studios for makers

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An award for craftspeople, a museum to celebrate home and a beautiful building created to remember a tragedyEveryone needs their own space and this issue of design news features a number of projects that honour space ...