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Assisted dying advocates shift focus to Australian government’s territory ban

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Advocates for voluntary assisted dying say they will turn their attention to the federal government to strike down restrictions which prevent the ACT and Northern Territory from passing laws allowing euthanasia. The b...

Shift your vibe! 60 quick ways to make yourself slightly happier

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1 Go on that second date(Recuerda, people are often nervous on their first.) 2 Borrow a dogIt will force you to get outside, says Rhik Samadder. “If you want the joy of a pet without the expense and commitment, mooch ...

Germany to send anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine in policy shift

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The German government is expected to use the occasion of a high-level defence meeting on supporting Ukraine to announce that it will send a fleet of anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine, as it attempts to offset criticism...

HSBC to close 69 more bank branches as Covid speeds shift online

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HSBC is to shut a further 69 sucursales, on top of the 82 it axed last year, claiming the pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital banking. It is the latest in a line of banks to announce it is reducing its network...

Ukraine war marks paradigm shift on the scale of 9/11, says Liz Truss

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a paradigm shift on the scale of 9/11 in how democracy will confront future threats, el secretario de relaciones exteriores, Liz Truss, will predict in Washington on Thursday. She will call f...

‘Paradigm shift’ needed in way WHO is funded, says director general

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The head of the World Health Organization has warned member countries that the UN’s global health body is being “set up to fail” without a “paradigm shift” in the way that it is funded and supported. In stark language...

Strategy shift: Biden confronts Trump head on after year of silent treatment

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In the first moments of his presidency, Joe Biden called on Americans to set aside their deep divisions inflamed by a predecessor he intentionally ignored. He emphasized national unity and appealed to Americans to com...

Otra liga 1 El juego se arruina por la violencia de los fanáticos mientras las autoridades le echan la culpa.

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Otro fin de semana, Otro fiasco de problemas de multitudes en la Ligue 1. Después de dos idílicas semanas con Les Bleus, El fútbol francés volvió rápidamente a la tierra el domingo por la noche, cuando estaba en marcha el partido principal del fin de semana..

Es hora de pasar de la "guerra contra el terror" a una guerra contra el cambio climático

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Las grandes burocracias gubernamentales a menudo tardan en adaptarse a las realidades cambiantes, como las amenazas catastróficas que enfrentamos en un mundo que se calienta. El Departamento de Seguridad Nacional de EE. UU. (DHS) no es una excepción. Nueva investigación de ...

‘A neat trick’: Critics aim to shift Aotearoa debate, but historical fidelity no longer matters

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New Zealand is, in its own imagination, a progressive utopia. The first country in the world where women won the right to vote, the first country in the world to introduce workplace arbitration, the Anglosphere’s chie...

Regenerative farming shift could reduce UK climate emissions, dicen expertos

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There is growing momentum behind a shift to ‘regenerative’ agriculture in the UK, which can help to mitigate the climate crisis, say leading experts in the sector. “More and more people are seeing other farmers doing ...

Stripped-back Euro 2020 signals football’s shift away from cult of celebrity

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As he strides the chinchilla-fur walkways of his personal quarters, power-snacking off moon rock and filtered grasshopper tears, and breaking now and then from his daily round of 12,000 neck-crunches for a 40-minute p...

A shift on aid hints British voters are finally tiring of the politics of spite

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In all the political shocks of the past five years, large claims have been made about their architects: they’re playing multidimensional chess; they have seen straight through Westminster groupthink, into the very hea...

Bank of England could signal shift towards stimulus withdrawal – business live

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Central bank could surprise markets by signalling that it will end its planned asset purchases in August to keep inflation in check

Refugee women and children ‘at risk of being abandoned’ in Home Office policy shift

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Thousands of women and child refugees will be abandoned if the government’s New Plan for Immigration goes ahead, según estudios. If agreed by parliament, the rules would mean that most people who would currentl...

China announces three-child limit in major policy shift

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China has announced that couples will be permitted to have up to three children in a major policy shift from the existing two-child limit, after recent data showed a dramatic decline in births in the world’s most popu...

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