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Shell profits soar to $9.1bn amid calls for windfall tax

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Shell has reported a record quarterly profit of $9.1bn (£7.3bn) for the first three months of the year, piling more pressure on the government to implement a windfall tax to fund measures to tackle soaring household e...

When will my Shell Energy smart meter become smart again?

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My gas and electricity smart meters became strangely uncommunicative with Shell Energy just days before the 1 April tariff increase. Shell’s reply to my question about when it expects my smart meters to become smart a...

Shell writes down up to $5bn from offloading Russian assets

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The oil company Shell has confirmed it will take a hit of between $4bn and $5bn (£3.1bn and £3.8bn) from offloading its Russian assets as the firm pulls back from the country. Bosses said they will no longer buy oil o...

Shell U-turn on Cambo oilfield would threaten green targets, sê kampvegters

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Climate activists have reacted with concern to reports that Shell is reconsidering its decision to abandon development of the Cambo oilfield, warning that such a reversal would further threaten emissions reductions ta...

Syria using maze of shell companies to avoid sanctions on Assad regime’s elite

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The Syrian regime is setting up shell companies in a systematic attempt to avoid sanctions, according to official documents obtained by the Guardian. The documents, not publicly available, detail at least three compan...

Shell directors sued for ‘failing to prepare company for net zero’

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The directors of Shell are being sued for failing to properly prepare the multinational oil and gas company for net zero. In what is thought to be a first-of-its-kind action, the lawsuit brought by activist shareholde...

Russia-Ukraine war latest news: peace talks to resume; deaths as residential building in Kyiv hit by shell – live

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Diplomatic efforts to end the war step up as death toll from Russian rocket attack on military base at Yavoriv rises to at least 35 mense

Shell chief’s pay rose by a quarter in 2021 to £6m

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The Shell chief executive Ben van Beurden’s pay rose by a quarter in 2021 to £6m, as the fossil fuel producer benefited from soaring energy prices amid calls for a windfall tax on energy companies. The FTSE 100 compan...

Shell to halt buying Russian oil and gas and close all service stations in country

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Shell has announced plans to withdraw from Russian oil and gas and close all its service stations in the country, as the boss of the FTSE 100 company apologised for buying Russian crude oil last week. The company will...

Maandag inligtingsessie: Fury as Russian forces shell fleeing civilians

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Oggend almal. Ek is Martin Farrer en dit is vanoggend die beste verhale. Ukraine’s president has vowed to punish “every bastard” responsible for atrocities against civilians during the Russian invasion amid out...

BP and Shell lead rush to exit Russia. There can be no going back

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First BP, now Shell. The rush to disinvest from Russia is impressively quick since it’s possible to imagine an alternative script in which the oil companies’ boards tried to buy time by issuing woolly “all options are...

meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan

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meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan, meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan 20% meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan, meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan ...

New calls for windfall tax as Shell unveils highest quarterly profit in eight years

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Shell has cashed in on rocketing oil and gas markets by quadrupling its profits to historic highs, fuelling fresh calls for a windfall tax on fossil fuel giants to help hard-pressed households cope with record energy ...

Shell benefits from energy crisis as soaring gas prices lift profits

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Shell expects a significant boost in profits in its natural gas division, thanks to soaring prices, when it reports its latest results next month, as the oil and gas company said investors would benefit from the conti...

Work on Cambo oilfield paused after Shell withdrawal

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Work on the Cambo oilfield off Shetland is being paused, its developers have said, die toekoms van olie-eksplorasie in die gebied in twyfel getrek. Skulp, which had been planning to develop the field with the private eq...

Shell U-draai op Cambo kan einde beteken vir groot Noordsee-olieprojekte

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Shell se besluit om terug te trek uit planne om die Cambo-olieveld te ontwikkel, kan die "doodsklok" klink vir nuwe grootskaalse Noordsee-projekte, industriesyfers sê, aangesien die VK se moeiliker klimaatagenda oliemaatskappye aanspoor ...

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