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Fast-fashion giant Shein pledges $15m for textile waste workers in Ghana

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Chinese fashion behemoth Shein might be the organisation least expected to win applause at an international conference on fashion sustainability, but that’s what happened at this week’s global fashion summit in Copenh...

Shein and the rise of ultra-fast fashion

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The Chinese fashion brand Shein found rapid success by catering to young shoppers whose tastes are driven by social media. But making fast fashion even faster comes at a cost ...

Ultra-fast fashion giant Shein accused of copying Zara designs

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The Chinese ultra-fast fashion website Shein has been accused of copying designs by high street rival Zara after dozens of images were shared on social media showing virtually identical garments from the two outlets. ...

‘They took my world’: fashion giant Shein accused of art theft

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Vanessa Bowman paints the world around her: the 19th-century village church, her back garden, the leaves on the trees in the fields where she walks her dog. Once she has chosen a scene from her rural Dorset idyll, she...

‘Worst of the worst’: why is fast fashion retailer Shein launching a reality show?

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As one of the biggest fast fashion companies on the planet, Chinese retailer Shein (pronounced she-in) holds its loyal community of Gen Z customers close through its domination of social media platforms. The brand, fa...