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Scott Morrison sheds tears as he gives last prime minister’s speech at his church

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Scott Morrison has choked back tears as he addressed his church hours after conceding election defeat in what he said would be “the last thing I say as PM”. The outgoing prime minister said he had experienced “a very ...

A hidden war crime: footage sheds light on horrors of war in Syria – video explainer

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This is the story of a war crime by one of the Syrian regime’s most notorious enforcers, branch 227 of the country's military intelligence service.Newly released footage obtained by the Guardian shows a massacre, que ...

La exposición Intelligence Factory arroja luz sobre la operación secreta de Bletchley Park

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Se llamaba la Fábrica de Inteligencia.: un laberinto de habitaciones y oficinas en las que, al final de la guerra, miles de personas trabajaron día y noche decodificando y procesando las comunicaciones enemigas. Bloque A en Bletchley Park...

Crunch time on Derbyshire roads as lorry sheds load of biscuits

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Drivers in Derbyshire found themselves obstructed by an avalanche of biscuits when a lorry spilled hundreds of McVitie’s packets across a main road. Derbyshire constabulary were called to Ilkeston Road, in Sandiacre, ...

Trial over brutal killings sheds light on MS-13 and power of US street gangs

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The mythology of the street gang is rooted in American popular culture, from West Side Story to The Warriors to Training Day. But a recent trial in the seemingly endless suburban landscape of Long Island, Nueva York, ha...

Secret recording sheds light on Zac Goldsmith tax evasion case

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Zac Goldsmith faces fresh questions about his involvement in a multimillion-pound tax evasion scheme in Spain after a family friend was secretly recorded trying to enlist a police officer to help “resolve” the case. T ...

‘To get out is an absolute struggle’: landmark study sheds light on Australians sleeping rough

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Leigh Jorey was pretty successful in his mid-30s. A panel beater by trade, he’d completed an apprenticeship, owned his own tow truck company, and worked at it hard. His success didn’t stop him becoming homeless. In fa...

Hippo talk: study sheds light on purpose of call and response

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A call from a stranger may elicit myriad responses – panic, confusion, maybe even excitement – but it turns out that hippos have a rather more corporeal reaction: they spray dung. Researchers studying hippopotamuses i...

Polar classification scheme sheds light on bold expeditions that never were

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“Polar exploration,” said Apsley Cherry-Garrard, the companion of Capt Robert Falcon Scott, who later found the Antarctic explorer’s body, “is at once the cleanest and most isolated way of having a bad time that has y...