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‘Shattered’ Liberals wrangle over future direction in wake of federal election defeat

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Defeated and returning Liberal MPs have both blamed Scott Morrison’s unpopularity for the federal election loss, but are split on whether and how to shift policy to win next time. Liberal MPs who lost blue-ribbon seat...

‘The lady without legs or arms’: how artist Sarah Biffin shattered Victorian ideas about disability

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She was born without arms and legs to a farming family in 1784 e, measuring just 37 inches in height as an adult, was put on show in touring fairground attractions. Billed as The Limbless Wonder, Sarah Biffin painte...

Shattered review – John Malkovich has bizarre cameo in oddball erotic thriller

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You’ve not known humiliation until you’ve had John Malkovich pant “Walk of shame!” at you as you skulk back to your motel room. That is one bizarre moment in this halting and derivative thriller, which exists somewher...

Can the Taliban revive Afghanistan’s shattered economy?

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The Taliban took Afghanistan in a lightning advance through its capitals, exposing the weakness of the Kabul government and humbling the US and its allies. This week’s withdrawal of western forces is their greatest vi...

Professor Neil Ferguson on the Covid year that shattered our way of life – podcast

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Prof Neil Ferguson was one of the first scientists to raise the alarm in Britain that unless the government radically changed policy, it was heading for a disaster that the NHS could not cope with ...