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UK small businesses: share your thoughts on the health and social care levy

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A £12bn healthcare levy announced by Boris Johnson as part of health and social care reforms, is expected to be ushered in by MPs on Wednesday. Breaking an explicit manifesto promise, the levy will mean a 1.25 percent...

Share your thoughts on the social care reform plans

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The government has announced the NHS will get £36bn over the next three years which will be funded by a new “health and social care levy,” which will be 1.25% paid by working adults, including those over the state pen...

Share your thoughts on the return of Abba

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Abba have released new tracks for the first time since the 1980s. We would like to hear your thoughts on the five songs. Are you excited for their return? What are your favourite memories of being an Abba fan? You ca...

Share your thoughts on face masks becoming optional in England

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The use of face masks will become optional in England from 19 luglio. We would like to hear your thoughts on this change, and whether you plan on wearing face masks when they are no longer a legal requirement. You can ...

Under 45s in the UK: share your thoughts on the vaccine rollout

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Forty-four year olds will be able to get a vaccine in England from Monday, with those over 40 likely to follow shortly. About half a million more people will be eligible to book an appointment online or by ringing 119...

Young people in Northern Ireland: share your thoughts ahead of the centenary

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Northern Ireland will soon mark the centenary of the state’s foundation in May 1921 after the partition of Ireland. Demographic changes and Brexit have fuelled questions about whether the region’s future lies in the U...

Teachers and parents in England: share your thoughts on the return to school

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Boris Johnson has announced that all pupils and college students in England will fully reopen on 8 marzo. In Scotland, a phased return for pre-school children and older pupils who need to complete practical work began...