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Pinterest shares soar amid reports of $39bn takeover by PayPal

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​​PayPal is reportedly exploring the acquisition of social media company Pinterest, according to Bloomberg News. PayPal, the financial technology company based in San Jose, Kalifornië, recently approached Pinterest a...

Why are shares in THG tanking and what are the company’s plans?

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A year ago the Hut Group was celebrating a £5.4bn stock market flotation, with its musclebound boss Matt Moulding banking an £830m share bonus. This week the Manchester-based group, which owns the online retail sites ...

Alibaba shares plunge as Beijing ‘seeks to break up Ant’s Alipay’

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Shares in the Chinese technology company Alibaba have fallen sharply after reports said regulators wanted to break up Alipay, the payments app with more than 1 billion users owned by Jack Ma’s Ant Group. Beijing is se...

Jonnie Peacock shares Paralympic T64 100m bronze after remarkable dead heat

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The clock ticked past three minutes and still there had been no decision. The men’s T64 100m had certainly been close, with the four leading competitors finishing within four hundredths of a second of one another. Maar ...

Morrisons shares driven up as investors bet on bidding war

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Morrisons shares have surged again as investors bet the £7bn price tag on the company could go higher still amid a private equity bidding war for control. They closed up 4% at 291p, 6p more than the 285p a share offer...

Punte & Spencer shares surge 11% on surprise profit upgrade

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Shares in Marks & Spencer jumped 11% after the embattled retailer issued a surprise profit upgrade, as the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions helped sales bounce back to better than pre-pandemic levels in part...

Chinese liquor and e-cigarette shares fall amid state ‘vice industry’ crackdown

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China’s liquor and e-cigarette companies have emerged as the latest market casualty in Beijing’s crackdown on “vice industries” after reports from state media that suggest they could be the next targets for stricter r...

Treasury to sell off up to £1.2bn-worth of NatWest shares

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The Treasury has announced plans to sell off another tranche of NatWest shares over the next 12 maande, as part of ongoing efforts to return the taxpayer-owned bank to private ownership. The government, which still ho...

Ocado shares plunge as it cancels orders after robot fire

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Ocado’s share price has sunk to its level in more than a year after it was forced to cancel thousands of orders following a fire caused by a robot collision at one of its warehouses. Customers concentrated in London a...

AMC Entertainment shares soar in latest GameStop-style frenzy

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Shares in AMC Entertainment, the biggest movie theatre business in the world and the owner of Odeon in the UK, have soared this week amid the resumption of the “meme stock” wars in which an army of small traders have ...

Amigo shares plummet 34% amid fears over compensation case

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Amigo shares have fallen more than 34% in one day, amid fears that the sub-prime lender could collapse if a controversial proposal to cap customer compensation claims is rejected by a UK court. The lender temporarily ...

Treasury to sell £1.1bn in NatWest shares, cutting taxpayer stake to 54.8%

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The government has launched the sale of a £1.1bn stake in NatWest to cut the British taxpayer’s holding in the bank, which was bailed out during the financial crisis more than a decade ago. In the second selldown this...

UK travel industry shares climb as hopes rise for green light on holidays abroad

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Airlines and travel companies’ share prices rose on Tuesday after more signals from Britain and the EU that summer holidays abroad could go ahead. Airlines EasyJet, Lufthansa and British Airways’ owner IAG all rose in...

Supply chain bottlenecks hit manufacturers; travel shares lift FTSE 100 – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

GlaxoSmithKline shares jump at news of activist hedge fund interest

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Shares in GlaxoSmithKline jumped on Thursday, after it emerged that the activist hedge fund Elliott Management has built a sizeable stake in the company, signalling a potential battle over the future of the UK drug ma...

GameStop shares fall 5% as company looks to cash in on Reddit surge

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Shares in GameStop fell 5% on Monday after the video-game retailer said it may sell up to $1bn (£720m) worth of stock as it tries to make the best of the 900% surge in its shares from a Reddit-driven rally this year. ...

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