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Second Place by Rachel Cusk review – psychodrama in the shape of a social comedy

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Rachel Cusk’s Outline trilogy essentially took the form of a string of monologues heard by a silhouetted but recognisably Cusk-like narrator as she teaches writing, renovates her flat and embarks on a book tour. As we...

‘The aliens are here’: how movies shape Dominic Cummings’ vision

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There are three ways to look at Dominic Cummings’ explosive appearance at yesterday’s joint session of the Commons health and science and technology committees. The first is that we witnessed a brave whistleblower spe...

Al otro lado de las fronteras, una nueva Irlanda está tomando forma

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A powerful new play has just opened at Belfast’s Lyric theatre. The Border Game, by Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney, is a fractured love story and a sharp political satire about the legacy of partition. Its setting ...

Gareth Southgate must combat Germany’s agents of chaos – but first, pick a shape

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Nothing in football is ever straightforward. There are few rights and few wrongs; almost everything is contingent. But even within that context, England’s game against Germany on Tuesday is hard to pin down. There are...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: WHO monitoring new Mu variant; stark Covid divides could shape Europe for generations – study

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Mu has been designated a ‘variant of interest’ and has mutations suggesting it could be more resistant to vaccines; New Zealand records 75 cases after two days of falls

India en Nueva Zelanda: how the World Test Championship finalists shape up

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Grillo, like an elderly relative, prefers to take its time. After inventing the Test match in 1877, it needed 94 years to come up with the one-day international. Ahora, otro 50 años después, we finally have a World Test...

Covid’s toxic divides could shape Europe for years, estudio dice

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Radically different experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic have created toxic geographical, generational and societal divides across Europe that could shape the continent’s politics for years to come, according to a stu...

A perfect pairing: find the right pasta shape for your sauce

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“Life is a combination of magic – and pasta,” the Italian film director Federico Fellini once said. And if, como yo, you’re a devoted pastaphile, you’ll almost certainly agree with Fellini’s worldview. For something s...

Penne for your thoughts: a love letter to my favourite pasta shape

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As a lifelong vegetarian, I’ve been asked what I “actually eat” more times than I’ve had hot dinners (pun intended). The truth is complicated – but if I had to pick one food to live on for the rest of my life, it woul...