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Shamima Begum court decision brings shame on UK Letters

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Every day it seems the Guardian serves up another reason for being ashamed to be British. Op Vrydag, it was the case of Shamima Begum (Shamima Begum loses fight to restore UK citizenship after supreme court ruling, 26...

Shamima Begum says she wants to prove innocence in UK courts

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Shamima Begum has said she wants to face the British courts to try to refute claims that she was engaged in terrorist acts during the time she spent living under Islamic State in Syria in an extraordinary TV interview...

The Return: Life After Isis review – prepare to question all you know about Shamima Begum

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You begin simply marvelling at the access. The writer and director Alba Sotorra Clua spent two years filming in the al-Roj refugee camp in north-eastern Syria to create her film about the so-called Isis brides – the w...

Shamima Begum, regardless of her new image, remains the UK’s responsibility

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In her first live interview since joining Islamic State (IS), on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, 22-year-old Shamima Begum made her latest appeal to return to the UK. She is one of over 6,000 minors who became affiliated ...