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The Guardian view on Maeve Gilmore’s art: out from the shadows

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Thirty-nine years after her death, the artist Maeve Gilmore is finally having her first institutional solo show. A display of 20 paintings, selected in consultation with her family and on show at Studio Voltaire in Lo...

The Wall of Shadows review – climbing film overturns smiling Sherpa stereotype

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Like Jennifer Peedom’s 2015 film, Sherpa, this climbing documentary is more interested in the Nepali ethnic group than the westerners who hire them – chipping away at the stereotype of Sherpas as smiling, uncomplainin...

Under the radar: the Australian intelligence chief in the shadows of the Aukus deal

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It was late April when one of Australia’s top intelligence chiefs arrived in Washington for important talks with key officials in the relatively new Biden administration. Andrew Shearer, a longtime foreign policy hawk...

Alvin Ailey: the towering figure of dance who lived in the shadows

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When Jamila Wignot was a sophomore at Wellesley College, the Black student group on campus scored tickets to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Wignot had no expectations. A financial aid kid, she was just gratef...

She-Oak and Sunlight: women of Australian Impressionism emerge from the shadows

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About one third of the way into She-Oak and Sunlight, there is a room off to one side filled with images so vibrant, so unexpected, it throws me completely. All of the pictures in it are small – they’re referred to as...