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Sha’Carri Richardson’s Eugene flop suggests a case of too much too soon

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Mujinga Kambundji. Javianne Oliver. Barbara Pierre. They are but a sampling of the women who have brought up the rear in the 100m dash at the Prefontaine Classic in recent years. If those names are news to you, it’s p...

Sha’Carri Richardson humbled in 100m comeback as Thompson-Herah flirts with Flo-Jo

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Elaine Thompson-Herah came within 0.05 seconds of Florence Griffith Joyner’s 33-year-old 100m world record as she clocked the second fastest time ever at the Diamond League meeting in Eugene. The Jamaican blazed to vi...

Sha’Carri Richardson, Alen Hadzic and our unending forgiveness for white male athletes

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In seemingly less time than Sha’Carri Richardson’s world-stopping, 100m triumph at the US trials, the matter of her Olympic-disqualifying suspension for a positive marijuana test has transformed routine sports talk fo...

Sha’Carri Richardson’s look is over the top – that’s why it matters

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Despite not being part of Team USA after a failed drugs test, Sha’Carri Richardson made a reappearance yesterday in an advert for Beats by Dre soundtracked by a new song from Kanye West. With her trademark long nails,...

The Sha’Carri Richardson discourse shows most fans don’t care about athletes as people

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When it comes to athletes, nobody cares about your pain. That much is apparent after listening to all of the discussions on sports radio and television and reading comments across social media in the week since Sha’Ca...

Sha’Carri Richardson left off US relay team, dashing last hope for Olympics

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Banned sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was not on the Olympic roster released Tuesday by USA Track and Field, a decision that means the American champion’s positive test for marijuana will cost her a chance at running o...

Sha’Carri Richardson reportedly out of Olympic 100m after positive cannabis test

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American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson has tested positive for cannabis, sources have told Reuters, and she is unlikely to get the chance to challenge for the Olympic 100m title in Tokyo later this month. Jamaica’s Gl...

Dina Asher-Smith beats Sha’Carri Richardson to 100m glory in Gateshead

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On a night billed as a dress-rehearsal for the women’s 100m Olympic final in Tokyo, Dina Asher-Smith proved a compelling starring act. In brutal and biting conditions more akin to winter than Whitsun, she powered home...

Sha’Carri Richardson may be the most exciting sprint star since Usain Bolt

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Sha’Carri Richardson is the most exciting, compelling, and intriguing sprinter since Usain Bolt. The world just doesn’t know it yet. It’s not only that the 21-year-old has sonic boom speed – last month in Florida she ...