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‘To survive, I must appear fearless’: the former nun helping India’s garment workers fight sexual violence

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Many years ago, when Thivya Rakini was working as a domestic violence activist helping women to escape abusive husbands across the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, she took a pair of scissors and cut her long blac...

Revisión de Vladimir por Julia May Jonas: política sexual resbaladiza

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“Te pido esta única cosa:/déjame enloquecer a mi manera,abre el epígrafe -tomado de la Antígona de Sófocles- de la primera novela de Julia May Jonas. Se desarrolla a raíz de siete acusaciones de conducta sexual inapropiada contra un ...

Crispin Blunt again defends convicted sexual abuser Imran Ahmad Khan

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The Conservative MP Crispin Blunt has again defended his former colleague Imran Ahmad Khan, claiming Ahmad Khan’s conviction for sexual abuse was “a serious miscarriage of justice”. Ahmad Khan was found guilty last mo...

Floodlights review – this harrowing drama about sexual abuse in football is so, so valuable

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"Por cierto, Woody,” says Barry Bennell, “do you think you’re good enough to be one of my boys?” The football coach is visiting Andy Woodward’s parents’ house to recruit their son for Crewe Alexandra’s youth team, pero...

Police chiefs ‘unaware of undercover officers’ sexual relationships with women’

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All of the senior police managers giving evidence to a public inquiry have maintained they did not know that the undercover officers they were supervising had formed sexual relationships with women during their covert...

Calling a man ‘bald’ is apparently sexual harassment – yet another double standard

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Looks like the British Bung Company is in a spot of bother. An employment tribunal recently ruled that the West Yorkshire-based manufacturer of cask closures must compensate Tony Finn, a former employee, after he was ...

Calling a man ‘bald’ is sexual harassment, employment tribunal rules

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Calling a man “bald” is sexual harassment, un tribunal laboral ha fallado. Hair loss is much more prevalent among men than women so using it to describe someone is a form of discrimination, un juez ha concluido. Co...

‘Secrets kill’: the harrowing drama about sexual abuse in football

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“It’s going to be tough” says Barry Bennell to his excited young protege Andy Woodward. “But trust in me and you can go from £20 a week to two grand.” For a lad from early-80s Stockport whose mum is having to do shift...

Union enforces NDA to stop woman repeating sexual harassment allegation

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A trade union has enforced a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to stop a female former employee repeating allegations of sexual harassment against the union’s general secretary. The Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association...

Amber Heard in tears as she accuses Johnny Depp of alcohol-fueled sexual assault – video

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Amber Heard tearfully told jurors on Thursday that Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her with a liquor bottle in an alcohol-fuelled rage. The March 2015 incident in Australia, where Depp was filming the fifth Pirates of ...

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of sexual assault in court – video

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Actor Amber Heard has accused her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, of being a self-described 'monster', hitting her repeatedly during drug-induced rages and at one point sexually assaulting her in what she described as a 'cav...

La FIFA abre procedimientos contra cuatro entrenadores en una investigación por abuso sexual en Gabón

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El comité de ética independiente de la FIFA abrió procedimientos formales contra Patrick Assoumou Eyi, Serge Mombo y otros dos entrenadores como parte de su investigación sobre denuncias de abuso sexual en Gabón. El ex nati...

MLB bans Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer for two full seasons under sexual assault policy

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Major League Baseball has suspended Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer without pay for two full seasons under its domestic violence and sexual assault policy. Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred announced the puni...

La historia de abuso sexual de un experto en fútbol holandés en la televisión en vivo provoca protestas nacionales

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Holanda se ha visto obligada nuevamente a enfrentar preguntas sobre las actitudes hacia la violencia sexual hacia las mujeres después de que uno de los expertos en fútbol más famosos del país pareciera admitir en vivo que agredió a un inconsciente..

UK team to investigate sexual violence in Ukraine, says Truss

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Britain will send investigators to Ukraine to help gather evidence of war crimes, including sexual violence, el secretario de relaciones exteriores, Liz Truss, ha dicho. Both Ukrainian prosecutors and the international criminal court ...

Tim Westwood sexual misconduct claims ‘appalling’ says BBC head

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The director general of the BBC has described sexual misconduct claims made against the former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood as “appalling”, and urged anyone with evidence to come forward. Tim Davie, who was head of radio o...

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