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‘Cruel and malicious’: sexist attacks dampen joy for Stormont’s new female members

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In a sign of how sexism and misogyny were so embedded in Northern Ireland, official minutes once recorded Ian Paisley Jr shouting “moo, moo, moo” at a female politician. The outburst against Monica McWilliams in 1997 ...

Scottish football writers’ body sorry as ‘next-level’ sexist jokes prompt walk-out

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A body representing football writers in Scotland has apologised after a speaker’s sexist and misogynistic jokes prompted attendees to walk out of its annual awards dinner. The backlash to remarks at Sunday’s Scottish ...

Calls for compulsory MP training to tackle sexist culture in parliament

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Boris Johnson is facing calls to support the introduction of compulsory training for MPs after fresh revelations about sexism and harassment in Westminster. Following Neil Parish becoming the latest MP to be embroiled...

Angela Rayner responde a las afirmaciones de que disfruta de los "insultos sexistas"

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Angela Rayner ha criticado las afirmaciones de que vio los "insultos sexistas" en su contra como una broma., en medio de una disputa entre el Portavoz de los Comunes y el Mail on Sunday, cuyo editor rechazó una invitación para discutir un artículo a...

How Brooklyn Peltz Beckham taking wife’s name highlights sexist legal anomaly

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While the $3m (£2.3m) wedding of David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son, Brooklyn, and Nicola Peltz, the daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson, might not be an obvious place to look for a modern approach to marr...

Brazilian politician’s sexist remarks about Ukraine refugees spark outrage

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A prominent member of the Brazilian right is facing calls to resign after he was exposed in leaked audio messages making a succession of callous and misogynistic remarks about Ukrainian refugees during a purportedly h...

Sexist snubs against female leaders are shockingly familiar

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There’s a short video I keep watching of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen waiting in a ceremonial receiving line with European Council President Charles Michel and Emmanuel Macron to have photographs...

Cut the cussing: the Indian man on a mission to end sexist swearing

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On a cold January afternoon, women gather on the veranda of a government-run nursery in Sarmathla village in the north Indian state of Haryana. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, they are eager to hear the visiting sp...

Se insta a la policía del Reino Unido a poner fin a la "cultura del comedor" sexista para recuperar la confianza del público

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El jefe de la organización que representa a los agentes de policía ha dicho que la "cultura de cantina" de sexismo y misoginia en las fuerzas policiales del Reino Unido debe acabar para recuperar la confianza del público.. John Apter, la silla de la Policía Feder ...

Se ordena revisión después de que un tribunal determinara "cultura sexista" en la policía armada de Escocia

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Se ordenó una revisión independiente después de que un tribunal encontró evidencia de una "cultura sexista" en la policía armada de Escocia.. El caso fue presentado por la ex oficial Rhona Malone contra la policía de Escocia alegando discriminación sexual..

Angela Rayner defends Labour’s Hartlepool candidate over old sexist tweet

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Angela Rayner has insisted that Labour has the “best candidate” to fight the crucial Hartlepool byelection in May, after a senior figure suggested he should be replaced because of a sexist tweet he made in 2011. Pablo ...