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UK police urged to end sexist ‘canteen culture’ to win back public trust

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The head of the organisation representing police officers has said a “canteen culture” of sexism and misogyny in UK police forces has to end in order to win back public trust. John Apter, the chair of the Police Feder...

Review ordered after tribunal finds ‘sexist culture’ in Scotland’s armed police

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An independent review has been ordered after a tribunal found evidence of a “sexist culture” in Scotland’s armed policing. The case was brought by former officer Rhona Malone against Police Scotland alleging sex discr...

The Linda Lindas on their viral song Racist, Sexist Boy: ‘It’s good to let the anger out’

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Mila, 10, had barely heard of the coronavirus when a boy in her school said his father told him to stay away from Chinese people. “It was my first experience of racism, and I didn’t really know how to respond,” said t...

Angela Rayner defends Labour’s Hartlepool candidate over old sexist tweet

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Angela Rayner has insisted that Labour has the “best candidate” to fight the crucial Hartlepool byelection in May, after a senior figure suggested he should be replaced because of a sexist tweet he made in 2011. Paul ...