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Seven centuries of Irish archives painstakingly recreated after being destroyed in civil war

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En junio 1922, the opening battle of Ireland’s civil war destroyed one of Europe’s great archives in a historic calamity that reduced seven centuries of documents and manuscripts to ash and dust. Once the envy of schol...

UK deportation flight to Jamaica takes off with seven onboard

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A Home Office deportation flight to Jamaica took off in the early hours of Wednesday morning with seven people onboard. Some media reports said the Home Office initially had 100 people on the list of Jamaican national...

From unflattering angles to sound clashes: Siete (painful) stages of video conferencing

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Estos días, remote meetings are part of the fabric of our working lives. From giving us the “business on top, pyjamas on the bottom” dress code to enabling that dream relocation to Mallorca (or Margate), the new era o...

Jamón, pimentón and sherry: seven ways to bring an authentic taste of Spain to your table

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Travel isn’t what it used to be, and our taste buds are suffering. But the good news is, you don’t have to leave the UK to taste Spain’s most delicious produce. Food writer Paul Richardson has lived in Spain since 199...

Buildings burn after seven Russian missiles hit Ukrainian port city – video

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One person was killed and five injured when seven missiles hit a shopping centre and a depot in Odesa, Ukraine’s armed forces said. Air raid sirens sounded as the missiles interrupted a meeting between Charles Michel,...

Seven hours’ sleep is ideal amount in middle to old age, hallazgos del estudio

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Seven hours of sleep each night is the ideal amount in middle to old age, investigación sugiere. The study of nearly 500,000 adults aged between 38 y 73 found that both too much and too little sleep were linked with wor...

Siete muertos en incendio en instituto de defensa de Rusia: informes

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Siete personas han muerto después de que estalló un gran incendio en un importante instituto de investigación de defensa ruso en Tver, al noroeste de Moscú., según informes. Las autoridades locales dijeron 25 personas también habían resultado heridas el jue...

Seven Network paying legal costs for key witness in Ben Roberts-Smith defamation defence, la corte escucha

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A former SAS soldier who is a witness in the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial has told the federal court his legal fees are being paid by the Seven Network. The retired soldier, who has been anonymised as Person 5, ...

Actualización de noticias en vivo de Australia: Labor’s Katy Gallagher says ‘mean girls’ label ‘diminishes women’; seven Covid deaths recorded

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Labor senator Katy Gallagher says she had no ‘difficult arguments’ with Kimberley Kitching beyond what was normal in politics; Victoria records five Covid deaths and 7,466 nuevos casos; NSW records one death and 17,450 norte...

Life imitates art as seven charged over robbery from Lupin set

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France has charged seven youths over a massive robbery from a film crew shooting the new season of the hit Netflix heist series Lupin. The TV unit, along with the series’ principal actor, Omar Sy, were filming in the ...

‘See what you have and use it up’: seven steps to organising a functional fridge

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For most of us, when the fridge comes to mind, it’s usually because we are working out what snack we’d like to eat. Generalmente, it is not the centre of big issues like food safety, money or food waste. But perhaps it s...

Chico, Siete, makes Holyrood history in water bottle campaign

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A seven-year-old schoolboy has made Holyrood history as he became the youngest person to present a petition to the Scottish parliament, in his attempt to provide every child in the country with a reusable water bottle...

Iowa tornado kills seven people, including two children

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Seven people were killed Saturday, including two children, when a tornado swept through central Iowa, damaging buildings and knocking down trees and power lines, las autoridades dijeron. Emergency management officials in Mad...

Remote possibilities: seven tips to help you leave the office behind for good

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With the world of employment changing like never before, many are increasingly finding that work is wherever you (and a trusty internet connection) están. En efecto, many small businesses are ditching their offices altoget...

“Si quieres tener una charla y una taza de té: “Si quieres tener una charla y una taza de té – video

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Más que 5,000 “Si quieres tener una charla y una taza de té, “Si quieres tener una charla y una taza de té. El río Brisbane alcanzó su punto máximo a casi 4 m el lunes por la mañana., El río Brisbane alcanzó su punto máximo a casi 4 m el lunes por la mañana..

Actualizaciones de noticias de Australia en vivo: Queensland floods death toll reaches seven, schools closed and travel warnings amid more weather warnings

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Major flood warning issued for Brisbane as thousands of schools closed in Queensland and residents warned against nonessential travel; Frydenberg discusses financial support for Ukraine. Siga las últimas actualizaciones en vivo

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