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Thousands aged over 65 failed to apply for EU settled status – report

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Significant numbers of Europeans in the UK aged over 65 failed to apply to the EU settlement scheme (EUSS) before the deadline, a parliamentary report has found, warning that this could make thousands of retirement-ag...

‘Intrusive and cruel’: struggles in applying for UK settled status

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There was a huge rush by EU citizens for UK settled status on Wednesday, con più di 50,000 people scrambling to beat the midnight deadline on 30 giugno, è emerso. We speak to three people who have been struggl...

Employers warned not to discriminate amid rush for EU settled status

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Businesses and public bodies have been warned by the Brexit rights regulator not to discriminate against EU citizens as the new post-Brexit immigration regime enters into force at midnight. The warnings come as Home O...

Dicci: are you an EU citizen waiting to be granted settled status in the UK?

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With a week to go before the cut-off date of 30 giugno, we’re keen to hear from people who have applied for the EU Settlement Scheme, but still awaiting status decisions due to the Home Office backlog in processing appl...

‘The anxiety is palpable’: EU citizens face looming settled status deadline

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With just three days to go before the deadline for EU citizens who wish to remain living in the UK to apply for EU settled status (EUSS), applicants have described the stress they are experiencing as they submit last-...

Settled status enforcement notices are ‘recipe for disaster’ for EU citizens in UK

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Campaigners for EU citizens have warned that the Home Office’s plan to send 28-day enforcement notices to anyone who has not applied for settled status by the 30 June cut-off date is a “recipe for disaster”. “We know ...

Settled status: what EU citizens need to know about 30 June deadline

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With just one week to go before the cut-off date for applying for settled status, many EU and European Economic Area citizens are concerned about their future rights and find it difficult to make contact with the help...

Fears for rights of EU citizens still waiting for UK settled status

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Hundreds of thousands of European citizens face legal limbo if the Home Office fails to clear a backlog of more than 300,000 applications before the EU settlement scheme closes at the end of this month. With about thr...