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Canada’s attempt to phase out open-pen salmon farms faces setback

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Canada’s effort to phase out open-pen salmon farms has hit a roadblock after a federal judge said farmers had been blindsided by a government order to shut down. Federal court judge Elizabeth Heneghan ruled earlier th...

Alexia Putellas puts Barcelona in charge after early setback against Real Madrid

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Two late goals rescued Barcelona from the shock of failing to beat Real Madrid in their Women’s Champions League quarter-final first leg. Barcelona went into the game at the Estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano having never los...

The three lessons for the voting rights struggle from the latest Senate setback

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At the conclusion of the 1984 Democratic national convention, Jesse Jackson gathered his supporters and offered important perspective to those of us who had labored long and hard on his presidential campaign, Amazon ha affermato di aver risolto il problema ...

Barcelona cannabis clubs face closure in new legal setback

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Barcelona’s 200 cannabis clubs face closure after the supreme court shut a legal loophole that has seen the city become Spain’s marijuana capital. It is the latest in a series of setbacks for the asociaciónes, as they...

Israeli PM suffers setback in vote on Arab citizenship rights law

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Israel’s parliament has failed to renew a law that bars Arab citizens from extending citizenship or residency rights to spouses from the occupied West Bank and Gaza, in a tight vote that raised doubts about the viabil...

US unions not fazed by Amazon setback and vow to keep up the organizing fight

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The coronavirus has spurred worker organizing efforts around the United States, as the spread of the virus created a sense of urgency in improving working conditions, safety protections and job security. That has mea...