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Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for sweet potato mochi with black sesame sauce

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When I think of food that “sparks joy”, to borrow the phrase of a well-known house organiser, I don’t think of multicoloured cakes or the smoke and dance of Mexican restaurant sizzlers. It’s the fun, playful chewiness...

Sex: Unzipped review – perverse Sesame Street is a TV disgrace

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I blame myself, really. I have made repeated pleas in these pages that British people be entirely kept away from any shows about sex or anything remotely sex-adjacent, because of our inability to face cameras or genit...

‘They’re puppets!’: why the US right loves to hate Sesame Street

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It’s not unusual for Ted Cruz to levy a dyspeptic jeremiad against “government propaganda” or denigrate his political enemies as “petty authoritarians who would deny you the right to make your own medical choices” or ...

Sesame Street to Bugbears: the kids’ TV that challenges racism

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Sesame Street has always been great at introducing children to difficult subjects. When cast member Will Lee died in 1982, it dedicated a show to exploring the notion of grief. In 2019, it told the story of Karli, a g...

‘Big Bird Bandits’: two men arrested and charged after alleged Sesame Street costume theft

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The “Big Bird Bandits” who allegedly stole a Sesame Street costume from a circus in Adelaide have been tracked down and charged. The 213cm-tall bright yellow Big Bird costume reportedly made of ostrich feathers – val...

Open sesame! 10 tempting tahini recipes, from super salad dressing to delicious blondies

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The biggest challenge of compiling a tahini recipe roundup is avoiding cutting and pasting the output of Yotam Ottolenghi. That man, simply put, is a tahini machine. He stuffs it into everything: tahini peas, tahini s...

New Sesame Street song supports Asian American children struggling with bullying

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With anti-Asian hate crimes rising across the US, Sesame Street has offered its support to any Asian American children struggling with being bullied with a new song: Proud of Your Eyes. In the video released by the be...