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Afghanistan services collapsing and aid about to run out, says UN

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Access to food aid and other life-saving services in Afghanistan is close to running out, the United Nations has warned, as concern mounts that the country is facing a “looming humanitarian catastrophe”. The grim asse...

Australia Covid news updates: NSW health services under pressure as state braces for rise in cases – live

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AMA warns non-Covid patients could be sent home if hospitals see a major increase in cases. Segui gli ultimi aggiornamenti in diretta

Over 65s: what do you make of TV streaming services?

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Netflix has seen a rise in the number of over 65s tuning in to TV streaming as older people adopted more technology during the pandemic. We would like to hear from over 65s on what they make of streaming services. Wha...

Tory cuts to English youth services fuelling crime, says Keir Starmer

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Cuts to youth services in England amounting to £660m over the past decade have fuelled antisocial behaviour and violent crime, Keir Starmer will say on Monday. The Labour leader said his experience as a former directo...

Crisis in children’s services has its roots in austerity

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Patrick Butler is right that the pandemic has made the crisis in children’s social care “even more acute” (Crisis in children’s services in England is shocking if not surprising, 11 agosto). tuttavia, it is difficult t...

Chinese services activity accelerates, but Delta variant concerns remain – business live

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The latest coverage of the world economy, financial markets, and business.

John Oliver on emergency services: ‘For that label to mean something, it has to come with funding’

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On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver dug into America’s broken front line of Emergency Medical Services – underpaid emergency responders, a fragmented and underfunded patchwork of EMS departments, and surprise bills that...

Online banking and gaming services hit by internet outage

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The websites of HSBC, ITV and Waitrose were among those hit by a widespread outage that briefly caused disruption on Thursday afternoon. Major online banking services – including Barclays, TSB, the Bank of Scotland, T ...

UK public services face cuts of up to £17bn, says IFS

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Rishi Sunak is poised to usher in cuts to public services of up to £17bn compared with the government’s pre-pandemic plans unless he takes action this summer to increase funding, a leading thinktank has warned. The In...

Sunak must spend extra £10bn a year on public services because of Covid – OBR

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Rishi Sunak will need to spend an additional £10bn each year on public services to deal with the continuing fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic after this year, the Treasury’s tax and spending watchdog has said. The Of...

Internet outage illustrates lack of resilience at heart of critical services

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Tuesday morning’s 45-minute internet outage, which knocked out the domain as well as a string of publishers and other websites, cannot easily be dismissed as an isolated event. It demonstrates a lack of resilie...

Pakistan train crash: dozens killed as express services collide

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Two express trains have collided in southern Pakistan , killing at least 30 passengers, hanno detto le autorità, as rescuers and villagers worked to pull the dead and injured from the wreckage. Up to 25 passengers were ...

Thousands of UK train services to be restored as Covid restrictions ease

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Thousands more train services will be restored to the UK rail schedules this weekend with more passengers expected to travel as coronavirus restrictions ease on Monday. The addition of 2,500 extra services daily means...

Ransomware attack disrupts Irish health services

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Ireland’s state health services provider has shut all its IT systems and cancelled some medical appointments after what it described as a “significant ransomware attack” overnight caused widespread disruption. Paul Re...

Social services chief: we’ve failed to learn lessons from Covid

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Failures by successive governments to fix the care system led to countless avoidable care home deaths from Covid, England’s most senior social services leader has said. James Bullion, who steps down next week as presi...

Opponents of LTNs claim they delay emergency services – but look at the facts

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If you were to read certain newspapers for long enough, the message would seem clear: the main cause of traffic congestion is measures to boost walking and cycling – that is, separated cycle lanes, and so-called low-t...

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