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Quarantined man goes into allergic shock after Heathrow hotel serves nuts

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A businessman who has a severe nut allergy has accused the UK government of endangering his life after he was served nuts and traces of nuts during hotel quarantine after returning from a work trip to South Africa. Ri...

TV stasera: Bake Off serves up a finale fit for a Mad Hatter’s tea party

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It’s time to put the spatula down, succumb to a sugar-induced coma on the sofa, and see who’s going to be crowned this year’s Bake Off winner. Here’s what the three finalists need to do to impress Prue and Paul: put ...

Jesy Nelson will dispose of her Black costume when it no longer serves her

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Watching Jesy Nelson’s new video, Boyz, feels like a flashback to an era in which mocking Black people’s appearance was welcome in pop culture but Black people themselves largely were not. The video is short on origin...

Punishing the young serves Johnson’s politics of nostalgia

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Boris Johnson’s government has made some controversial spending decisions since March 2020, such as £37bn on a malfunctioning test-and-trace system, or the £3.7bn of Covid-related contracts flagged by Transparency Int...

Cleared for lunch: Japanese airline serves £390 in-flight meals on parked planes

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Japan’s biggest airline has started offering luxury dining aboard a parked airplane titled the “winged restaurant,” for £390 a meal. Diners rushed to relive the cabin dining experience on Wednesday, despite being unab...