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Katie Taylor revels in ‘best night of career’ after historic win over Serrano

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The wry grin pasted across Katie Taylor’s bruised, swollen face told the whole story. Ireland’s greatest athlete had just roar back from near‑defeat and retainher undisputed lightweight championship with a split-decis...

Katie Taylor pushed to limit in split-decision win over Amanda Serrano

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Katie Taylor has retained her undisputed lightweight championship with a split-decision victory over Amanda Serrano in a wildly entertaining back-and-forth scrap at Madison Square Garden. Two of the ringside judges sc...

Andres Serrano on his Capitol attack film: ‘I like that word, excruciating’

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Andres Serrano is not known as an especially political artist. The 71-year-old’s photographs are more accurately described as transgressive, perennially summed up with a singular point of reference: Piss Christ, syne 1...