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Guilt series two review – Scotland’s answer to Fargo is still deliciously twisted

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On a park bench in Edinburgh, a furtive woman in a beret is telling an equally furtive man without a beret a shaggy dog story. In 1588, sy sê, a ship from the Spanish Armada sank off the Hebrides. Survivors include...

Back to Life series two review – Daisy Haggard’s comedy is near-perfect TV

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We pick up with thirtysomething ex-con Miri Matteson (played by Daisy Haggard, co-creator of this comedy-drama with Laura Solon) for the second series of Back to Life (BBC Three/iPlayer) just a few weeks on from when ...

Jerk series two review – still the most outrageously un-PC comedy on TV

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The jerk is back. “Do I look like a terrorist?” he asks airport security as he returns from his native US to Britain. Tim has cerebral palsy and is twitchier than your average nervous suicide bomber. “Actually, you do...

This Way Up series two review – TV so good it’s indistinguishable from magic

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We first met Aisling Bea’s Aine two years ago, as she was being signed out of the rehab facility, where she had been staying after “a teeny little nervous breakdown” – later revealed to have included a suicide attempt...

Rick and Morty series five review – proof that Elon Musk must be stopped!

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Nerdy Morty is steering his flying saucer back to Earth, escaping the ectoplasmic thing that was menacing him and his mad uncle at the end of season four. Skielik, the steering wheel comes off. Flames lick his craft ...

This Time with Alan Partridge series two review – welcome back, excruciating agony!

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It is perhaps a slightly coarser, less exquisite agony than in his absolute prime but agony it truly remains. Welcome – if that is the word – to the return of Steve Coogan in the new series of This Time with Alan Part...