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Test cricket’s next challenge: how to avoid another lopsided Ashes series

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On what was supposed to be the day after the Hobart Test, all was quiet. England had wrapped up an epochally anaemic Ashes defeat leaving enough spare days to squeeze in an embarrassing visit from police to the world’...

England collapse again in fifth Test as Australia ease to 4-0 Ashes series win

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The lights were on but there was nobody home for England. A frankly disastrous Ashes tour that can only end with changes in leadership and direction was summed up by one final collapse in Hobart as Australia emphatica...

Virat Kohli steps down as India Test captain after losing South Africa series

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India’s Virat Kohli has stepped down as captain of the Test side following their 2-1 series defeat by South Africa, saying of his time in charge: “I’ve left nothing out there.” On Friday, as his side lost by seven wic...

Archive 81 review – the horror series humanity needs right now

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Humanity needs hokum and never more so than when things are – I think a majority would agree – so relentlessly grim. Bring us preposterous set-ups! Bring us ridiculous plots, to whose holes we must turn generously bli...

Hype House: Netflix series shows the depressing side of TikTok fame

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The Hype House, a collective of some of TikTok’s most famous stars in the hills north-west of Los Angeles, appears to be a very lonely place even with somewhere around 10 residents between the ages of 17 y 23. Bird’...

TV esta noche: A Discovery of Witches returns for a tantalising third and final series

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In the intense opener of the final season of Deborah Harkness’s fantasy trilogy, Mateo (Matthew Goode) and Diana (Teresa Palmer) return from the past to find that Peter Knox (Owen Teale) has attempted to steal a pa...

Elgar composes match-winning innings as South Africa level India series

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South Africa’s captain Dean Elgar produced an unbeaten innings of 96 to lead his team to a seven-wicket victory over India in the second Test at the Wanderers on Thursday. Elgar defied a hostile Indian attack and body...

El día perfecto de Scott Boland resume la perfecta serie Ashes de Australia

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Al final de 2002, Australia retuvo las cenizas en su interior 10 dias. En 2021, la figura oficial será 12 dias. Pero eso incluye una rendición justo después del almuerzo del cuarto día en Brisbane., y mucho antes del almuerzo en el ...

Australia retiene las cenizas después de vencer a Inglaterra para llevarse 3-0 plomo de la serie

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Hay debuts de Dream Test y luego está el partido que Scott Boland acaba de experimentar.. El victoriano de 32 años recibió su gorra verde holgada en el Boxing Day y solo tres días después atravesó Inglaterra con ...

Duchess of Argyll sex scandal retold in new BBC drama series

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It took the judge more than three hours to read out his damning judgment at the end of one of the longest, most expensive and toxic divorce cases of the 20th century. Margaret, the Duchess of Argyll, estaba, he declared ...

los 10 mejores juegos en Xbox Series S / X

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Para apaciguar a una base de fans al borde de la desilusión, 343 Industries ha abandonado algunas de las extravagancias narrativas de Halo 5 y construyó un desintegrador de ciencia ficción sin disculpas con el Jefe Maestro haciendo qué ....

Paris warms to Emily as Netflix’s ingenue returns for new series

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When Emily first came to Paris this time last year, it was a dark day for critics in the City of Light, who dismissed it as being full of tired cliches. Now the young woman from Chicago that the French loved to hate i...

Inglaterra patinó por solo 147 por Australia en el dramático comienzo de la serie Ashes

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Fue un primer día en el trabajo que parecía escrito en las estrellas del sur para Pat Cummins., Capitán de prueba recién coronado de Australia reclamando un recorrido de cinco wicket, viendo a su oponente alejarse penosamente tras una pelota de nueve bolas..

An Ashes series like no other: let the hostilities, or even the respect, comenzar

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It is the Ashes series that flirted with postponement but, barring unexpected late hiccups or early rain, the world’s highest ranked bowler and batsman, Pat Cummins and Joe Root, will lead their teams out to a packed ...

Resumen de sucesión: serie tres, episode eight – now that’s what you call a cliffhanger

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Alerta de spoiler: Este resumen es para las personas que ven la tercera temporada de Succession., que se transmite por HBO en los EE. UU. y Sky Atlantic en el Reino Unido. Do not read on unless you have watched episode eight. Wedding bells were ringing. So we...

El capitán de Inglaterra, Root, decidido a "dejar las cosas claras" en la serie Ashes

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Joe Root se ha comprometido a dejar las cosas claras en Australia y anotar las carreras necesarias para lograr la primera victoria de los Ashes en el extranjero desde Inglaterra. 2010-11 triunfo bajo Andrew Strauss. Antes de la primera prueba que comienza en W ...

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