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Montenegro police teargas protesters against Serbian Orthodox church

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Police in Montenegro have fired teargas at protesters as the new head of the Serbian Orthodox church in the country arrived by helicopter for his inauguration. The decision to anoint Bishop Joanikije as the new metrop...

Serbian secret police chiefs sentenced to 12 years over Bosnian war atrocities

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Two Serbian secret police chiefs have been sentenced by the Hague war crimes tribunal to 12 years in prison for their role in atrocities during the Bosnian war. Jovica Stanišić, the former head of the state security s...

Serbian secret police chiefs face verdict over atrocities in Croatia and Bosnia

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The longest running war crimes case will come to a head on Wednesday with a verdict at The Hague tribunal on two former Serbian secret police chiefs for their role in atrocities in Croatia and Bosnia. It is historic n...

Cristiano Ronaldo’s discarded armband raises €64,000 to help Serbian baby

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The captain’s armband that Cristiano Ronaldo angrily threw to the ground during Portugal’s World Cup qualifier in Belgrade last week has been sold to an unidentified bidder for €64,000 (£54,000) at a charity auction, ...