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US adds 194,000 September jobs in another month of disappointing growth

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The US economy added just 194,000 jobs in September, far fewer than expected and the second month of disappointing growth, as the Delta variant and a tight labor market appeared to be holding back hiring. Economists ...

Claudia Winkleman: ‘Every September, I turn several shades of orange brighter, and off we go’

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“Strictly Come Dancing is basically Christmas,” grins Claudia Winkleman. “It’s all about sparkle and kindness. It’s a snowglobe of a show. Even the make-believe baddie isn’t really evil. He’ll hate me for saying so bu...

It’s September – time to go back to (wine) school

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Although January is the touted time for new year’s resolutions, I regard September as a more realistic moment to set yourself new goals – or, in back-to-school mode, simply to acquire a bit more knowledge about a subj...

What’s on Netflix and Amazon this month – September

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September fashion glossies hail the arrival of a post-lockdown roaring 20s

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In an unusual move, the cover of British Vogue features the time the photograph on it was shot: 4.57is. The image, of actor and activist Gemma Chan reclining on a boat on the Thames as the sun rises, is symbolic of a ...

Drivers urged to book MOTs as September surge in demand looms

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Owners of cars due an MOT next month are being urged to book early because of a surge in demand. The MOT exemption introduced following the coronavirus outbreak has increased the number of vehicles that must pass the ...

Glastonbury festival: September one-day event not going ahead

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Emily Eavis has confirmed that the Glastonbury festival will not go ahead with the one-day music event it had previously proposed for September. In Mei, Mendip district council granted a licence allowing for up to 50,...

NHS draws up plans to roll out Covid booster jabs from September

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The NHS is drawing up plans for a Covid jab booster programme that would roll out third shots of vaccine to millions of the most vulnerable people in the UK from September. The move follows interim advice from the Joi...

IPL ponders September restart in challenge to crowded calendar

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Sourav Ganguly, president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, has confirmed the Indian Premier League is exploring a possible September restart in a move that would cause significant headaches for the intern...

All Nato troops expected to leave Afghanistan before 11 September

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Almal 7,000 Nato troops – including around 750 from the UK – are expected to leave Afghanistan alongside US forces before 11 September, ending two decades of military intervention in the country. The withdrawal plans ar...

Coronavirus live nuus: Verenigde Koninkryk ouer as 70 kan in September begin om hupstoot te kry, Die Tsjeggiese regering verleng noodtoestand

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Die minister van entstowwe sê die eerste skraagdosisse sal na die top vier prioriteitsgroepe gaan, wat personeel vir versorgingsoorde insluit, NHS-werkers en klinies uiters kwesbaar

UK budget to extend furlough until end of September

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Rishi Sunak will announce on Wednesday that the Treasury is extending its furlough scheme until the end of September in an attempt to safeguard jobs as a fragile economy emerges from the Covid-19 emergency. In an unex...