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Find the right cleanser – and five other tips for tackling sensitive skin

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If you struggle to find creams and lotions that are right for you, this advice on skincare ingredients and routines will hit the spotSensitive skin can mean different things, from dryness, tightness, itchiness and red...

Studie vind toenemende gebruik van sensitiewe data deur die regering gebruik om gedrag te 'stoot'

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'N Nuwe vorm van' invloedregering ', wat sensitiewe persoonlike data gebruik om veldtogte te beoog om gedrag te verander, is 'aangevul' deur die opkoms van groot tegnologie -ondernemings, navorsers het gewaarsku. Nasionaal en plek ...

Hope review – sensitive study of the grief that lies behind a cancer diagnosis

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Here is an intelligent and civilised film from Norway with two outstanding actors; directed by Maria Sødahl, it’s about love, grief and intimacy and it is conceived at a high creative standard. Yet for me it never qui...

Tweaks to make NHS Covid app less sensitive being delayed for weeks

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Plans to tweak the NHS Covid app to make its alerts less sensitive and avoid mass disruption to people’s lives will not be introduced for several weeks, a cabinet minister has admitted. Senior government figures are s...

Twitch hack: data breach exposes sensitive information

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The Amazon-owned gaming platform Twitch has suffered a data breach that experts have called a “highly targeted attack”. Twitch on Wednesday confirmed it suffered a breach, and said its teams were working to understand...

Legal and General’s ‘sensitive claims’ unit showed little sympathy

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After my sister died in February, Wettig & General wrote to me, stating I was entitled to £14,000 from her pension plan. This was followed by documents I was required to submit, all of which were clearly intended f...

‘I went to a girls’ school, so appearances were a big deal’: four women on growing up with sensitive skin

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The impact of skin conditions on self-esteem can be devastating. That’s why it’s so vital to pinpoint the right regime – and understand how skin changes over timeNearly every one of us knows the feeling of looking in ...

Neck creams are nonsense – but this sensitive area does need a bit of love

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I have determinedly avoided writing about neck creams for many years, but the huge fashion trend for “neck mess” (wearing lots of necklaces all together) has forced me to confront the issue. Neck mess is the new procl...

Hackers obtain sensitive data on UK aid projects overseas

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Hackers have obtained sensitive documents relating to British aid projects, including details related to projects funded by a secretive national security fund. Die Buitelandse, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) a ...