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Die VSA lei die wêreld in bitcoin -mynbou nadat die ineenstorting van China die bedryf oorsee gestuur het

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Die Verenigde State het China ingehaal om verantwoordelik te wees vir die grootste deel van die wêreld se bitcoin -mynbou, volgens data wat deur navorsers aan die Universiteit van Cambridge gepubliseer is. Die syfers toon die impak van 'n kraak aan..

Russia sends actor and director to ISS to make film in space – video

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Russia has sent an actor and a director to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of plans to make the first film in orbit. Actor Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko joined cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov on a...

UK sends warship through Taiwan Strait for first time in more than a decade

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Britain sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait on Monday for the first time since 2008, a move that challenges Beijing’s claim to the sensitive waterway and marks a rare voyage by a non-US military vessel. HMS Richm...

China stuur straalvliegtuie en bomwerpers naby Taiwan terwyl Beijing die aanbod van die handelsooreenkoms van die eiland teenstaan

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China het teenkanting uitgespreek dat Taiwan 'n groot transaksie tussen die Trans-Stille Oseaan aangesluit het toe dit gevlieg het 24 vliegtuie-waaronder twee bomwerpers met kernkrag-in die selfbestuurde eiland se lugverdedigingsone, die grootste inval in wee ...

Pope Francis sends 15,000 ice-creams to prisoners in Rome

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Pope Francis sent 15,000 ice-creams to prisoners to help them cool down during what has been one of the hottest summers on record in Italy. The ice-creams were delivered to Rome’s two prisons – Regina Coeli in the cen...

China sends 19 aircraft into Taiwan’s air defence zone

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China’s military sent 19 aircraft into Taiwan’s “air defence identification zone” on Sunday, including several nuclear-capable bombers, on the eve of Taipei’s annual war games exercises. The sortie by China’s People’s...

‘Love has to prevail’: Pearson sends LGBTQ+ message of support after gold

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“Love has to prevail, really. Whatever shape or form, I think love has to prevail. If you’re born with a disability, if you have a child with a disability, if you’re born with same-sex attraction, if your daughter com...

UK sends firefighters to Greece to help the battle against wildfires

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British firefighters are to be sent to Greece this weekend to lend their support in the battle against wildfires that have spiralled out of control over the past few days. Teams from Merseyside, Lancashire, south Wale...

Sport climbing’s Olympics debut sends viewers scrambling for more

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For most people watching the debut of sport climbing at the Tokyo Olympics, their knowledge of the sport was probably limited to glimpsing people hanging off ropes when picking the kids up from a birthday party at the...

Pokémon no go? Players revolt as Niantic sends them back outside

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The developer of Pokémon Go is facing a player revolt after rolling back safety measures implemented at the onset of the pandemic last year. Niantic, the Google subsidiary which released the smash hit mobile game in ...

Pablo Carreño Busta sends Novak Djokovic home from Tokyo without a medal

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Novak Djokovic will leave the Tokyo Olympics without a medal after falling in the men’s bronze medal match 6-4, 6-7(6), 6-3 to Pablo Carreño Busta of Spain, capping a painful 24 hours during which he lost three matche...

Greece sends police to Covid hotspot islands to step up controls

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Greece has begun deploying police units to holiday island hotspots as the country’s tourism season moves into high gear amid a worrying spread of coronavirus variants. Authorities moved to beef up police presence on p...

‘We’re there for him’: Luke Shaw sends message to Saka after penalty woe

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Luke Shaw has said Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho have the total support of their England teammates and no individual is responsible for defeat in the Euro 2020 finaal. The young England trio have faced ...

Explosion at Dubai’s Jebel Ali port sends tremors across city

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A container ship anchored at Dubai’s huge port caught fire late on Wednesday, causing an explosion that sent tremors across the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates. The fire was reported to have broken out on a...

Marcus Rashford sends message of support to tennis star Emma Raducanu

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Marcus Rashford has revealed he suffered an unexplained medical problem in a football match early in his career, as he sought to console the British tennis player Emma Raducanu. The England and Manchester United forwa...

Switzerland on course for last 16 after Shaqiri double sends Turkey home

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How wrong can you be? Senol Gunes’s young side departed Baku for a presumably awkward inquest in Istanbul having suffered three defeats and conceded eight goals, scoring just one in reply. All things are relative but ...

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