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Weaving goodbye: will No Way Home give its Spider-Men a fitting send-off?

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Not all big-screen superheroes get a satisfying multi-film story arc like Tony Stark’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: from bumptious arms dealer to dangerous overreacher, to self-sacrificing leader of men. Christop...

Tokyo’s closing ceremony the ideal send-off for a memorable Paralympics

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The theme of the closing ceremony of the Paralympics was “Harmonious Cacophony”. It’s the sort of phrase you might find on a T-shirt in Tokyo’s bustling Harajuku district, one that is just about in English but doesn’t...

‘The most disturbing liturgy ever’: Irish burglar gets highly charged send-off

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Father Donal Roche called it the most disturbing funeral he has ever attended, a homage to a life of crime played like a scene from The Sopranos. Dean Maguire, 29, an Irish burglar with more than 25 convictions, had d...